Holiday World Announces New Attraction Names

2023 is the year of Operations

We’re laser-focused on delivering outstanding operations to our Guests in 2023. How? We’re recruiting more Team Members from around the country to our Team Member Housing, and the world. And, our cashless transactions will make transactions faster. 

PLUS Season Passholders have more options than ever to skip the processing lines on their first visit by submitting online or visiting one of our early processing days. 

But that’s just the start

We’re revolutionizing how we think about the Guest experience, and we’ve decided it’s time to move on from the names we assign to our attractions, shops, and restaurants. 

You see, we realize that navigating a park can be confusing. It’s 100+ acres and two parks’ worth of fun. PLUS we have free parking, sunscreen, and soft drinks, which can turn first-time visitors’ brains upside-down. 

And if that’s not enough, sometimes we change a ride’s name. Or we move the ride. Or we bring back a new ride and give it an old ride’s name (Firecracker, anyone?). Sometimes, we completely reinvent a restaurant and change its name (Kringle’s). 

So, for those of you who aren’t interested in keeping up with the name changes, we’re introducing our all-new map. Effective May 6, 2023, we’re calling things by the names our Guests actually use. 

Here’s the new map


Sure, our team gets a little frustrated when The Voyage is referred to as “The Voyager.” One letter turns it from an ocean journey to a space journey (Trekkies will get that and I pretend to do so as well). However, people add the “r,” so we will too.

Another example? Bakuli. It’s such a fun ride and the name means “bowl” in Swahili. Perfect, right? Yet our Guests insist on calling it the “toilet.” So…  we’ll support that as… nope still can’t do it. 

You’re looking for another? Ok. Funnel Cake Factory is a classic. It’s a small stand, so “factory” may not be the perfect name for it. We hear many Guests call it “Freedom Funnel Cakes,” so we’ll call it that as well. 

Why didn’t we do this sooner?

Well, we’re America’s First Theme Park. So theming and naming attractions is a big deal around here. We try to come up with names that are simple and easy to understand. For example, we considered naming our Digital Photo Pass plenty of cute names from HoliPics to Holiday Memories, but… we decided it might be easiest to name it what it is. 

But, we also have a lot of names that just make us happy. For example, The Legend references “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” by Washington Irving. I literally named my dog “Ichabod” because The Legend is my favorite of our wooden coasters.

Wait. Was this a bad idea? No. Don’t look back, Leah. 

Names are important to us, so we’ve held onto them for a very long time, but improving our effectiveness at providing navigational assistance is worth it. 

Figure it out yet?

There’s no coincidence this announcement is happening on Saturday, April 1st. April fools! However… there is one name change that really will be happening! Comment on our blog to see if you’ve figured it out! 

HoliBlogger Central: Your Trip Planning Guide

Have you heard of the HoliBloggers?

They’re bloggers, parents, and Holiday World enthusiasts who have partnered with us to share their experiences. Over the past year, each of the HoliBloggers have written blog posts about a wide range of topics. You can read more about each of them here.

The topics they’ve covered make planning a trip to Holiday World a breeze!

We call it HoliBlogger Central. And if you keep scrolling, you’ll see everything you need to know.

Their blog posts cover topics like planning a trip to the park, making the trip to see us, visiting with kids, information on food and snacks at the park, and even a behind the scenes look at our drone and fireworks show.

Whether you’re planning your first trip to Santa Claus, Indiana, or you’ve been visiting for years and just want the inside scoop from Season Passholders, HoliBlogger Central has something for everyone.

Click any blog post below to read more.

Planning A Trip to Holiday World

Visiting with Kids


Family Rides the Howler | HoliBlogger Central | Holiday World Trip Planning

Visiting with Friends & Family

Tasty Treats For Your Visit

Making the Trip to Holiday World


Riders on Thunderbird Roller Coaster | HoliBlogger Central | Holiday World Trip Planning

Telling A Story with Pictures

All About Season Passes

And with our drone and fireworks spectacular – Holidays in the Sky – returning bigger and better than ever in 2023, you can read these blog posts from last season.

The First Year of Holidays in the Sky


Be sure to come back to the HoliBlog regularly for more updates from our bloggers. We’re now accepting applications for our new class of HoliBloggers and should introduce them as we get closer to Opening Day.

As a reminder, each HoliBlogger post will include a ticket giveaway where you can enter to win a pair of tickets to visit Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. What’s not to love?

Top Reasons to Book A Group Outing at Holiday World

HR and company leaders are always looking for new ways to boost employee morale and keep their teams engaged at work.

We think we know a great way to do that – and it’s a step up from company merch, a pizza for lunch, or a gift card.

Let your employees know how much you value them with something they’ll look forward to and actually appreciate. We think a Group Outing with them to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is the perfect option. Your Outing can even include a catered meal.

We might be a little biased, but we can’t think of a better place to have fun. We can share OUR fun workplace with YOUR team. And their families too!

Planning a Group Outing at Holiday World is easy. You just have to pick a date, select the menu, invite your Guests, and have fun!

Here are the top reasons to book a Group Outing:

  1. Increase Employee Morale & Engagement. Hosting a Group Outing at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is a great way to boost morale – it gives your employees the chance to step away from work for a day and spend quality time with their colleagues. You’ll help foster a sense of community, help build a more positive work environment, and have higher employee satisfaction.
  2. Better Employee Retention & Recruiting Outcomes. Employees can be the true cheerleaders of your organization and help bring in others with that same mindset. Company picnics with us are positive experiences that they’ll share with others and cherish the memories made for years to come.
  3. Improve Communication & Collaboration. By spending time together outside of work, employees will get to know each other better and build stronger relationships. Seeing co-workers and their families have fun is a great way to create common ground, which can lead to improved communication and collaboration when they return to work.
  4. It’s Affordable. Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari company events offer incredible value for the price. Company picnic packages include a fully catered meal along with admission to both parks. Partner that with free parking, free soft drinks, and free sunscreen. Our Group Outings are affordable for companies and groups of any size.
  5. They’re Fun! Who doesn’t like to have fun? Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari offer something for everyone. From family-friendly attractions to world-class roller coasters, the top-rated water rides in the world to spectacular live entertainment, we’ve got it all!

Want to get more details about planning a Group Outing with us? Check out our Group Event Planning Guide!

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your tickets are also protected by our Worry-Free Weather Guarantee. It’s activated when weather closes a portion of our attractions for a period of 90 minutes on the day of your visit. If that happens, everyone’s ticket will be reactivated and you’ll be able to visit another day this season.

So what are you waiting for?

We make the booking process easy. We take care of everything so you can enjoy the event with the rest of your team.

To get started, click here or call 812-467-2682.

Cabana & Lounger Updates for 2023

Are you looking to add a touch of luxury and convenience to your next visit?

Well, you’re in luck! Cabanas and Cheetah Chaise Loungers are the perfect way to level up your next visit to Splashin’ Safari! If you plan to reserve either this season, check out what’s new:

1. Reserve Cabanas Right from Your Phone

New in 2023, specific Cabana rental locations can be selected from your mobile device! You don’t have to make your reservation from a desktop computer to pick a location.

After you select the date you’ll be visiting, you can choose from any of the four Cabana locations – near The Wave, by Bahari River, close to Kima Bay, or right in front of Mammoth. After you pick the group of Cabanas, you’ll see a map to choose the specific Cabana you want.

Remember, each Cabana includes 8 wristbands, a ceiling fan, locking cabinet, table with four chairs, two chaise lounges, plus a mini-fridge stocked with eight bottles of water. Additionally, anyone in our Cabanas can take advantage of our Premium Meal Service. That brings us to number 2 on the list.

2. Mobile Food Ordering for Cabanas

New this season, instead of having to place your Premium Meal Service order in advance, you’ll be able to do it whenever you’d like right from your phone. You’ll just scan the QR code in your Cabana, check out all the options, and place your order.

You can choose from options like our Pizza Party, Chicken Tenders Meal, Totally Taco Tray, Mammoth Pretzel, Fresh Fruit Platter, Bucket O’ Cookies, and more.

We’ll deliver everything right to you!

3. Lockable Cabinets for Cheetah Chaise Loungers

Our Cheetah Chaise Loungers are perfect for parties of four or less. And this season, they’ll each come equipped with a lockable cabinet to store your valuables while you soak up the sun and breeze.

Cheetah Chaise Loungers will continue to include 4 wristbands, two shaded chaise lounges, and a small table. They’re located on Bahari River’s island.

So what are you waiting for? Reserve yours now before all the best locations are taken!

Cabanas and Cheetah Chaise Loungers are available during Splashin’ Safari’s hours of operations on the day of your visit. You can check in at Splashin’ Safari Rentals located in the entry plaza to the water park.

If you’re looking for a peaceful and luxurious experience in the water park, Cabana rentals are the way to go.

Click here for all the details and to book your Cabana or Cheetah Chaise Lounger now!

The women of Holiday World

Will and Lori in Legend Train at IAPPA

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, I’m thinking back to the matriarchs of each generation. 

My great-grandmother, Clarice Koch, moved to quiet Santa Claus, Indiana in 1945 to help Louis J. Koch oversee the construction of Santa Claus Land. I’m sure that wasn’t in her plans for retirement. We don’t have many pictures available of  Great-Grandma Clarice, so I’ve included her obituary from 

Clarice Koch 29 Jul 1961, Sat Evansville Courier and Press (Evansville, Indiana) Newspapers.comClarice Koch

Grandma & Grandpa Koch in The Legend car at IAAPA

My grandmother, Pat Koch–or Mrs. Koch to many of you– supported my grandfather Bill Koch as he grew the town of Santa Claus, and eventually helped cement our title as the Cleanest Park in the World as Director of Cleaning.

My mom, Lori Koch, took care of our family so my dad could spend his time growing the park.  To this day, she makes sure we hold true to our brand.

I love to look back and think about the massive risks the men in previous generations took on to make Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari and the greater town of Santa Claus what it is, but it’s easy to forget the women who weren’t President or CEO. The growth of our town and our park have come at great risk and sacrifice, and the risks and sacrifices weren’t just made by the men. 

As we tell the story of the generations of the park, here’s the way we like to break it down:

  • 1st Gen- The visionary generation
  • 2nd Gen- The generation that built the town
  • 3rd Gen- The generation that grew the parks
  • 4th Gen (that’s us!) – The storytelling generation 

As the fourth generation builds, we’re lucky that we have the capital to put into telling a story in our park. We only get to start where we did because other generations built something special and grew it.  

But I know it wasn’t easy. I know my mom had many days that she would have rather had my dad around, and I’m sure she wasn’t the only one. 

Will and Lori in Legend Train at IAPPA

Mom & Dad in The Legend car at IAAPA

So today, I thank the women of my family who weren’t quoted in the newspaper and didn’t always get to enjoy the limelight. Too often, they took on the risk and watched as the men took credit when it paid off. 

There are probably hundreds more stories in our industry about these women in family-owned parks and attractions who made success happen by bearing the family responsibilities and shouldering the same financial burdens. I thank these women today as well. 

And there are hundreds more women in our industry who, when I was just a girl, helped me realize that being a leader in this business would never be out of reach. At our park, I specifically think of my Aunt Natalie who ran Splashin’ Safari for years, and Paula Werne who was our Director of Communications for three decades and taught me everything I know. And I could list more… but I would go on all day. 

I aspire to match the strength, perseverance, and wisdom of these women. And to set a strong example for the next generations to come. 

Thank you.

Three Ways to Skip the Season Pass Processing Line

Are you a Season Passholder who is looking for ways to skip the early Season Pass processing lines? If so, you’re in luck! As soon as your passes are paid in full, we can process them!

If you’re a first-time Passholder, welcome! In order to make your voucher valid, you’ll need to have a Season Pass printed with your photo on it. You can have your Season Pass processed starting at 9:30 AM Central Time any day we’re open, but lines can form early in the season, so we provide several ways to process early and skip right to the fun!

Here are three ways to help you get straight to the rides on your first visit to the park:

Reminder: In order to use any of our early processing options, your Season Passes must be paid in full. 

1. Mail Option – Online Only 

Easiest option for most Passholders

Between now and April 15, if you purchase your Season Pass in advance, you can upload your photo online and have your Pass mailed to you, and take your Pass straight to the front gate! Click here for the page to submit your photo. Please note the photo requirements above before uploading. 

Please note: Pre-K Passes cannot be processed via mail, as we will need to verify them with an age-confirming document (see below).

2. Pick-up Option – Online Only 

Easiest option for families with Pre-K Passes

If you prefer to pick up your Season Passes onsite, or if you missed the mail-in deadline, you can use our online processing form to submit your photos and we’ll have them ready for pickup onsite–just don’t forget to bring a photo ID. You can pick up your Passes during our Early Processing Dates (see Option 3), or pick them up in our designated ticket booths any day we’re open.

As we get closer to the start of the season, please allow 10 days for us to print and process your Season Pass before you expect to pick it up.  

Please note: Pre-K Passes can be processed for onsite pickup, just remember to bring an age-confirming document (see below) to pick up your Pass. 

3. Early Processing Dates

Easiest low-tech option

If you’d prefer a low-tech option, visit us before we open during our Early Processing Dates from April 1, 2, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, and 30 (4 pm – 6 pm CDT each day). Please bring your Season Pass email confirmation and a Photo ID, and we’ll take your photos and print your Passes. Those who selected “Online Pickup” on our Season Pass online processing form may also pick up their Season Passes during these times. 

Pre-K Passes
The newest member of our Season Pass family is just the right size for the preschoolers in your family. Our new FREE Pre-K Season Pass allows admission all season long for four- and five-year-olds. Getting ready for the 2023 season is as easy as learning your A-B-Cs:

  1. Add the Pre-K Pass to Your Online Cart*. You can add it while purchasing Season Passes for everyone else in your group. We’ll get a little information about the Passholder to help you with the next step. 2023 Pre-K Passes will be available through September 4, 2023.
  2. Bring the Right Paperwork to Holiday World. You’ll need age-confirming documents to process your Pre-K Pass, such as a birth certificate, passport, or green card. Originals, copies, and digital versions are acceptable. Pre-K Passholders must be four or five years old when their Passes are picked up or processed and must have a date of birth on or after May 6, 2017. The last day to process a Pre-K Pass for the 2023 season is September 4, 2023.
  3. Carry Your Pre-K Pass at All Times! You never know when you’ll want to stop by Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. Visit to see our full calendar!

* Note: Pre-K Season Passes are only available online. They must be added to your online shopping cart, registered with Passholder information, and then processed with age-confirming documents at Guest Relations on your first visit of the season. Pre-K Passes cannot be registered at the park or over the phone.

Plus, check out some Frequently Asked Questions about our Pre-K Season Passes.

Our team begins processing your pass as soon as it’s paid in full. No matter what you choose, you can upload your own photo to use for your Platinum Season Pass, Season Pass, Summer Fun Card, or Pre-K Pass right now and we’ll start getting it processed. Click here for the page to submit your photo: Please note the photo requirements above before uploading. 

By taking advantage of these tips, you can make your first visit to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari a breeze!

Romantic Date Day Ideas to Make Your Visit Unforgettable

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana, is the perfect destination for couples looking for a fun and romantic getaway. With its combination of holiday-themed attractions and thrilling rides, the park offers something for everyone, making it the perfect place to spend a day with your special someone.

Posing with the Santa Statue | Plan A Date Day at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

While you’re visiting, use these romantic date ideas to make your day at Holiday World unforgettable:

Add a Dash of Excitement

If you and your partner are adrenaline junkies, you’ll love the Thunderbird, a steel roller coaster that’s sure to get your hearts racing. Or, try the Liberty Launch, a tower ride that will have you holding on tight to each other.

Find Time to Relax

Take a break from the excitement and enjoy a relaxing ride on the Carousel. Float on a raft on Bahari River in Splashin’ Safari and soak up the sun together. Later, cuddle up as you spin on the Turkey Whirl.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit

You can also explore the park’s holiday-themed shops. To add a romantic element, purchase matching hats, keychains, or t-shirts. These souvenirs will remind you later of the fun experience you shared.

Seek Out a New Adventure

Participate in a holiday-themed scavenger hunt together. Work together to complete a park-wide hunt, searching for specific landmarks and attractions. Add in a little extra fun by having whoever wins get to select a sweet treat from the Candy Cane Confectionary.

Play a round of games in Merlin’s Castle. Try your luck at carnival games and see who can win the biggest prize.

Ride every water coaster in Splashin’ Safari and then compare your ranking of favorites. There’s so many ways to incorporate a fun new element into your date day.

Enjoy the Entertainment

Hold hands while watching the “High Dive Theater” show or share a popcorn at the Hoosier Celebration Theater. You’ll find a variety of shows throughout the day to enjoy. It’s a great way to cool down or take a break, too, when you need a moment to rest.

End your day with a bang by watching Holidays in the Sky featuring drones and a fireworks display. It’s a magical show that will wrap up your date day!

Refresh and Refuel

Share a picnic lunch in the park’s lush green spaces, or enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the park’s restaurants. You can also visit Polar Espresso for a specialty drink and a cozy atmosphere.

Plymouth Rock Café offers a delicious sit-down traditional Thanksgiving dinner for you to enjoy in an inside dining area.

Posing with the Christmas Fountain | Plan A Date Day at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Record Your Moments

Take a selfie in front of the park’s giant holiday-themed statues, or snap a photo of your experience on the rides.

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari also helps you capture and share memories from your visit with the Digital Photo Pass. On-ride photo locations include many of the rollercoasters and fan favorite Gobbler Getaway. Specialty photo opps include the giant Adirondack chair near the beach at Bahari Wave, and Santa in St. Nick’s Trading Company.

Sneak in a few Quiet Moments

Take a walk through the park’s and enjoy all the beautiful landscaping, including vibrant flower patches. Enjoy a peaceful moment together under the shade while you share a milkshake from Udderly Blue Ice Cream.

Or rent a Cabana for the day so that you have your own little cozy spot to retreat to throughout the day. You can even order food to your cabana to share a special date day lunch or dinner moment.

With so many romantic date ideas, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is the perfect place to create lasting memories with your special someone.

Relaxing in the Christmas Section | Plan A Date Day at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Stay Awhile Longer

If you want to extend your date day experience, consider a stay at nearby specialty locations like Sun Outdoors Lake Rudolph.

As it’s adjacent to the park, you won’t have far to travel to have a cozy night in a tent or one of campground’s many RV or cabin rentals available. Couple up under the stars after your adventurous day while you sip hot cocoa and roast marshmallows by the fire pit.


Enter to Win A Pair of Tickets to Holiday World!

Be sure to follow the adventures of the HoliBloggers. Each of their blog posts will have a giveaway where you can enter to win two tickets to visit Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in 2023.

Increase your chances of winning by visiting the Holiday World or Rural Mom website or check out our social media platforms through the options listed below. Click each option to get more details on how to gain those extra entries. You can enter to win through some options daily!

Entries accepted through Friday, February 24 at 6pm Central.

HoliBlogger Barb WThis blog post was written by HoliBlogger Barb W.

Barb Webb is a sustainable living expert nesting just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. When she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s writing about country living, artisan culture, and exploring the roads less traveled.

An award-winning author, Barb is also the Owner/Editor of the popular blog where she shares her love of all things green and empowers others to live country life to the fullest. Her newest books “GETTING BAKED” and “GETTING LAID” are cheeky guides offering a fun, in-depth journey into sustainable living topics including traditional and medicinal gardening.

Podcast: Season 5, Episode 1: The One with the Commons Ground

Click here to listen and subscribe to The Official Holiday World Podcast.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take our survey!

We already implemented some of the great feedback by sharing interviews from our team. 
Listen to the podcast here or anywhere that podcasts are found:

First, we had Andrew B. our Director of Projects and Planning and Lauren C. who makes 
many of the design and color choices for our buildings and are part of the “Pretty Committee”. 

They share about their new process of how they worked together to create a building that is both functional and
welcoming for our Team Members to call home for the summer. 

Here are some updated photos of their progress:

Next up we had Shelley B. our Director of Human Resources chat with Leah about the operational impact
that Compass Commons will have on our company, upcoming hiring events, and what’s new for our 
Team Members in 2023!

Here is our beautiful new hiring website where you can learn about seasonal and full-time opportunities:
Those who’ve applied may be part of our virtual hiring events on Friday, February 24, 3:30-7:30 pm and Saturday,  February 25, 8am-4 pm. 

Below we have Cooper celebrating his second birthday, notice that Matt E. didn’t jump
in the birthday boy’s photo!

What did you think of our new game and format?
Share your feedback, reach out here:
Email us:
Leave a voicemail: Phone (812)-937-4401 Ext. 8081
Reach out on social media: @holidayworld using #HoWoPo

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5 Reasons to Get A Season Pass

As parents, we often try to find the best ways to maximize our family’s fun while also maximizing our money! Maybe you go to the same museum, zoo, or theme park every year. Maybe you’re looking to try something new.

Since my girls were little, I’ve tried to pick the most fun places, even on a budget, and make a huge day of it. To be honest, so many of the places that offer annual or Season Passes offer so much fun, you can’t possibly squeeze it all into one day.

This is why I’m sharing with you 5 reasons to get a Season Pass… not just anywhere, but at one of my favorite places ever – Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, of course!

Reason #1 – The Value

Just like many other places, you might be hesitant to go all in on a Season Pass without ever visiting before. Take it from me, you don’t need to hesitate about getting a Holiday World Season Pass. Here’s reason number one – THE VALUE!

One lovely thing about Holiday World is that they will credit the cost of your one-day ticket towards a Season Pass if you do it before you leave the park that day. If you only go one day, with regular admission, you’re paying around $70 per person ages 4 and up (3 and under are always free). Get any level of Season Pass, and it pays for itself in just 2-3 visits!

Plus, there’s a NEW FREE Pre-K Pass for 4 and 5 year olds in 2023 that sweetens the deal even more (available only online). If you get your Season Pass by February 15, 2023, you get $25 off!

Pre-K Season Pass | 5 Reasons to Get A Season Pass

February 15th is also the last day you can purchase your 2023 Season Pass on Easy Pay.

Reason #2 – The Discounts

Discounts vary based on pass level, but they’re all great!

My personal recommendation is to go with the Platinum Season Pass. The food and souvenirs are so reasonably priced as it is, the 10% discount with a Season Pass or 20% discount with a Platinum Season Pass makes it feel like you’re not even in a fabulous theme park!

I’ve written several other posts as a HoliBlogger, and you’ll read about some of our favorite finds (like my teen daughter’s squid hat) and the best gluten-free funnel cake EVER (I would be there weekly to use my Season Pass JUST for that if we lived closer… Who am I kidding?! I’d probably eat it every day and then walk it off every day at the park).

Other Season Pass discounts include:

  • Discounts on locker rentals (a must when visiting Splashin’ Safari)
  • Discounts on food and beverage purchases
  • Discounts off gift shop purchases
  • Extra deals and discounts for pass holders throughout the season


Plymouth Rock Cafe Plate | 5 Reasons to Get A Season Pass

Platinum Passholders save 20% on food and beverage purchases. Season Passholders save 10%.

Reason #3 – The Perks

There are a ton of other perks. Check out the Pass Benefits Chart for more details and to compare the perks for each Season Pass.

Platinum-exclusive perk highlights for 2022 included:

  • Admission to Preview Night for Holidays in the Sky
  • Monthly $1 food specials
  • Platinum-Passholder Preview Day

Reason #4 – The Ease

Holiday World lets you purchase your Season Passes online, send in your photos ahead of time, and cut WAY down on your wait time at the park – what parent doesn’t love that?!

The deadline for online pass processing is March 15, 2023.

I have never had somewhere let you send in your pictures to get your passes printed ahead of time. It’s genius! You can upload a photo and have them either mail your Pass to you or hold it at Guest Relations to pick up on your first visit. We opted to pick ours up on our first visit. It was a breeze.

I also loved the fact that I could choose GOOD pictures of us and not have to worry about sweaty and disheveled snapshots at the gate (okay, maybe it was just my teen and I that cared about that). 😉

Reason #5 – The Bring A Friend Tickets!

After seeing all of our fun on our first visit this past season, my teen started begging us to let her bring a couple of friends with her when we came back next. In 2023, Platinum Season Passholders and Season Passholders have bring-a-friend tickets where you get half off extra tickets when you visit.

Having somewhere so affordable – and so fun – to take the whole family (and lots of friends) is incredible.

If there’s anywhere I’d recommend getting Season Passes to this year, let it be Holiday World! You won’t regret it. We don’t!

Cheetah Chase, Tembo Falls, and Tembo Tides | 5 Reasons to Get A Season Pass

Interested in getting a Season Pass for 2023? Check out all 3 Season Pass options now!


Enter to Win A Pair of Tickets to Holiday World!

Be sure to follow the adventures of the HoliBloggers. Each of their blog posts will have a giveaway where you can enter to win two tickets to visit Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in 2023.

Increase your chances of winning by visiting the Holiday World or Cincinnati Mom Collective website or check out our social media platforms through the options listed below. Click each option to get more details on how to gain those extra entries. You can enter to win through some options daily!

Entries accepted through Monday, February 13 at 8pm Central.

This blog post was written by HoliBlogger Courtney S.

A Cincinnati mom that spent my teen years in Indianapolis, I remember Summers at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari fondly. My family and I love travel and theme parks. I own the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville Mom Collectives where we provide the best in trusted recommendations, tips, tricks, and resources to families in our communities. In my rare free moments, I like to write, read, draw, paint, game, go to the park, go to art museums, and try new foods. 

Tips For A Sensory-Friendly Visit

The perfect family trip takes planning and preparation. But there is even more planning when considering a sensory-friendly trip for an individual(s) with sensory processing disorders/issues or autism. Lights, sounds, crowds, and changes in routine can contribute to sensory overload. Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is great about keeping these things in mind and has created an Accessibility Guide and amenities for families to help to elevate that extra planning!

I personally appreciate the accommodations that Holiday World has to offer. As a parent and person who has worked with individuals on the autism spectrum, these are some tips to make the best out of your sensory-friendly trip.

The Calming Room

A Calming Room is available in the Splashin’ Safari plaza in the First Aid building.

This room is available specifically for those who experience sensory overload and need a quiet place to go. Guests can reserve the room in 30-minute increments in advance on a first-come, first-serve. Walk-ins are also welcome.

It is a private room with a sofa, rocking chair, bean bag chairs, a tent, sound-proof panels, padded floor mats, and adjustable lighting and music. There is a port available to plug in your music.

Tip: Other areas in the park to cool, calm, and sit down are Santa’s Merry Marketplace or Plymouth Rock Café. These places are public and would be best to visit during near non-meal time hours.

Santa's Merry Marketplace Between Meal Times | Tips for A Sensory-Friendly Visit to Holiday World

Santa’s Merry Marketplace between traditional meal times.

Ride Boarding Pass & Discounted Tickets

The Ride Boarding Pass is for those with disabilities who cannot wait in long lines; this includes those with sensory processing disorders and autism. This pass is beneficial during busy times and to guests who are overstimulated easily and need to avoid crowding. The pass allows the guest to visit the ride at the exit gate, receive a boarding time, and then return for immediate seating simply by holding up your boarding pass at the exit to alert the ride operator you have arrived. Up to three other guests may ride with the Boarding Pass holder.

Not all of the rides need a Boarding Pass. The ones that do are The Voyage, The Raven, The Legend, Scarecrow Scrambler, Liberty Launch, Crow’s Nest, or Rough Riders Bumper Cars, and the Wildebeest, Mammoth, and Cheetah Chase in Splashin’ Safari.

The Holiday World Services crew is accommodating and eager to help make your visit as accommodating as possible. Ask them about discounted tickets for those with disabilities and Ride Boarding Pass for guests who need immediate access to rides.

Tip: Holiday World Services can be found at the park entrance, just past the ticket takers, to the left.

Tips For A Sensory-Friendly Visit

  • Download the Accessibility Guide before visiting.
  • Visit during less busy times; the best times to visit with the least crowds are Tuesday-Thursday during the week.
  • Ask about discounted tickets (for disabilities) at the ticket counter.
  • Make a plan and list of the rides and shows you’ll be visiting in advance. Use the Accessibility Guide to see which rides will be suitable and appropriate for your family’s needs. A plan will save time and prevent overstimulation/meltdowns.
  • Plan for triggers. Knowing sensitivity ahead of time, pack the things necessary to help reduce or avoid triggers. Such as headphones, earplugs, sunglasses, fidget toys, comfort items, etc.
  • Check out Holiday World’s available accommodations: stroller and wagon rental and dietary restriction accommodations (gluten-free options, etc.).
  • Bring your routine with you. While riding roller coasters certainly isn’t a typical day, you can bring certain practices to create a safe and comfortable experience. Some examples are daily snacks, a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, or electronics with downloaded games, music, or shows.


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