Tips For A Sensory-Friendly Visit

The perfect family trip takes planning and preparation. But there is even more planning when considering a sensory-friendly trip for an individual(s) with sensory processing disorders/issues or autism. Lights, sounds, crowds, and changes in routine can contribute to sensory overload. Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is great about keeping these things in mind and has created an Accessibility Guide and amenities for families to help to elevate that extra planning!

I personally appreciate the accommodations that Holiday World has to offer. As a parent and person who has worked with individuals on the autism spectrum, these are some tips to make the best out of your sensory-friendly trip.

The Calming Room

A Calming Room is available in the Splashin’ Safari plaza in the First Aid building.

This room is available specifically for those who experience sensory overload and need a quiet place to go. Guests can reserve the room in 30-minute increments in advance on a first-come, first-serve. Walk-ins are also welcome.

It is a private room with a sofa, rocking chair, bean bag chairs, a tent, sound-proof panels, padded floor mats, and adjustable lighting and music. There is a port available to plug in your music.

Tip: Other areas in the park to cool, calm, and sit down are Santa’s Merry Marketplace or Plymouth Rock Café. These places are public and would be best to visit during near non-meal time hours.

Santa's Merry Marketplace Between Meal Times | Tips for A Sensory-Friendly Visit to Holiday World

Santa’s Merry Marketplace between traditional meal times.

Ride Boarding Pass & Discounted Tickets

The Ride Boarding Pass is for those with disabilities who cannot wait in long lines; this includes those with sensory processing disorders and autism. This pass is beneficial during busy times and to guests who are overstimulated easily and need to avoid crowding. The pass allows the guest to visit the ride at the exit gate, receive a boarding time, and then return for immediate seating simply by holding up your boarding pass at the exit to alert the ride operator you have arrived. Up to three other guests may ride with the Boarding Pass holder.

Not all of the rides need a Boarding Pass. The ones that do are The Voyage, The Raven, The Legend, Scarecrow Scrambler, Liberty Launch, Crow’s Nest, or Rough Riders Bumper Cars, and the Wildebeest, Mammoth, and Cheetah Chase in Splashin’ Safari.

The Holiday World Services crew is accommodating and eager to help make your visit as accommodating as possible. Ask them about discounted tickets for those with disabilities and Ride Boarding Pass for guests who need immediate access to rides.

Tip: Holiday World Services can be found at the park entrance, just past the ticket takers, to the left.

Tips For A Sensory-Friendly Visit

  • Download the Accessibility Guide before visiting.
  • Visit during less busy times; the best times to visit with the least crowds are Tuesday-Thursday during the week.
  • Ask about discounted tickets (for disabilities) at the ticket counter.
  • Make a plan and list of the rides and shows you’ll be visiting in advance. Use the Accessibility Guide to see which rides will be suitable and appropriate for your family’s needs. A plan will save time and prevent overstimulation/meltdowns.
  • Plan for triggers. Knowing sensitivity ahead of time, pack the things necessary to help reduce or avoid triggers. Such as headphones, earplugs, sunglasses, fidget toys, comfort items, etc.
  • Check out Holiday World’s available accommodations: stroller and wagon rental and dietary restriction accommodations (gluten-free options, etc.).
  • Bring your routine with you. While riding roller coasters certainly isn’t a typical day, you can bring certain practices to create a safe and comfortable experience. Some examples are daily snacks, a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, or electronics with downloaded games, music, or shows.


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Group Events: First Memories & What to Expect Now

When I was a kid way back in the 1980’s, I eagerly waited for one weekend each summer. The company my dad worked for would host their employee picnic at Holiday World. And that was something my family looked forward to all year.

Our Visits to Holiday World

We would start the day by taking a picture with Santa, a tradition that continues with my own family. It was the perfect way to begin the day full of fun, sun, rides, and great food.

My favorite ride was the Firecracker, a roller coaster for kids. I would ride it over and over again. That was definitely the beginning of my love for roller coasters!

The Lewis & Clark Trail and Scarecrow Scrambler were also on my list of favorites. I would excitedly go from ride to ride until my little legs just couldn’t take it anymore.

We would end the day at Frightful Falls, the log flume ride, until my entire family was absolutely soaking from head to toe. My sister and I would always fall asleep on the short ride home.

Now, I get to visit the park with my children and ride some of the same rides with them. It brings back so many great memories, all while creating new ones.

The park was just as fun then as it is now.

Group Events at Holiday World

I spoke to the Sales Team at Holiday World to get more information on what everyone needs to know to plan a Group Event at the park.

Holiday World still loves to host businesses and other large groups at the park. Whether you have a group of two hundred or a group of twenty, the friendly staff will make it a day to remember. Everybody can get to know each other better in a fun, laid-back atmosphere. It is an excellent way to show appreciation for your employees in a safe and clean environment.

Your group can enjoy the parks throughout the day, then come together for lunch. The All-American Picnic Buffet will include something for everyone. After lunch, they can get back to the fun!

Riley Picnic Shelter | Group Events at Holiday World

The process of setting up a group event is easy and includes working with the Holiday World team.

All you need to do is pick out a date on the calendar in the Group Planning Guide. You will then work with the team to get the day planned. Holiday World will even send you posters and emails to remind your group of the date and build excitement.

I have planned a group event at Holiday World for a local business and it was very easy. The process was seamless and stress-free. And everybody had an excellent time!

Another terrific way to show appreciation for your employees or team is for your business to join the Holiday World Fun Club. Fun Club comes at no cost to you and gives access to exclusive ticket discounts. After setting up your customized online store, your group can purchase discounted tickets and Season Passes online. Tickets will then be sent directly to their email. It is as easy as that!

If you are interested in setting up a group event or joining the Fun Club at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari, you can call 1-800-467-2682 or visit their website.

It is sure to be a memorable day for everyone!


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Podcast: Season 4, Episode 14-The One With What’d I Miss?

Podcast: Season 4, Episode 14-The One With What’d I Miss?

You asked, and we’re back!

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The PodSquad has been BUSY! The Holiday World team made several updates in the second half of 2022.
So in episode 14, Matt E, Matt B, Sabrina J, and Leah K-B share what’s been going on at the park!

First off, they shared their favorite facets of Holidays in the Sky in 2022.
It was such an incredible experience,  it’ll be returning with 400 drones in 2023!

You can watch the video above or click here to learn more!

Next, we announced that we’d be building the Compass Commons team member housing!
Set to open in May of 2023, we’ll have the ability to offer to house Team Members from farther away!
The PodSquad expands in this episode on how this will impact operations. 
Here’s how it looks at the moment, click on the images to see them bigger:

You can read the full press release here, it includes a rendering of what the space will look like.
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Matt E’s dog came up and as promised here is Cooper’s precious Christmas picture!
We think Holidog would approve of his dapper bow tie!














The next announcement we discussed was Holiday World going cashless in 2023!
The PodSquad discussed how this is going to speed up operations all over the park,
especially when our Food & Beverage Team is serving tens of thousands of people lunch in just about 3 hours!














Last but certainly not least; we promised to share the links to our full-time positions:

In addition to competitive pay and unmatched healthcare, Full-time Team Members enjoy generous benefits
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