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They’re bloggers, parents, and Holiday World enthusiasts who have partnered with us to share their experiences. Over the past year, each of the HoliBloggers have written blog posts about a wide range of topics. You can read more about each of them here.

The topics they’ve covered make planning a trip to Holiday World a breeze!

We call it HoliBlogger Central. And if you keep scrolling, you’ll see everything you need to know.

Their blog posts cover topics like planning a trip to the park, making the trip to see us, visiting with kids, information on food and snacks at the park, and even a behind the scenes look at our drone and fireworks show.

Whether you’re planning your first trip to Santa Claus, Indiana, or you’ve been visiting for years and just want the inside scoop from Season Passholders, HoliBlogger Central has something for everyone.

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Planning A Trip to Holiday World

Visiting with Kids


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Visiting with Friends & Family

Tasty Treats For Your Visit

Making the Trip to Holiday World


Riders on Thunderbird Roller Coaster | HoliBlogger Central | Holiday World Trip Planning

Telling A Story with Pictures

All About Season Passes

And with our drone and fireworks spectacular – Holidays in the Sky – returning bigger and better than ever in 2023, you can read these blog posts from last season.

The First Year of Holidays in the Sky


Be sure to come back to the HoliBlog regularly for more updates from our bloggers. We’re now accepting applications for our new class of HoliBloggers and should introduce them as we get closer to Opening Day.

As a reminder, each HoliBlogger post will include a ticket giveaway where you can enter to win a pair of tickets to visit Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. What’s not to love?

Top Reasons to Book A Group Outing at Holiday World

HR and company leaders are always looking for new ways to boost employee morale and keep their teams engaged at work.

We think we know a great way to do that – and it’s a step up from company merch, a pizza for lunch, or a gift card.

Let your employees know how much you value them with something they’ll look forward to and actually appreciate. We think a Group Outing with them to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is the perfect option. Your Outing can even include a catered meal.

We might be a little biased, but we can’t think of a better place to have fun. We can share OUR fun workplace with YOUR team. And their families too!

Planning a Group Outing at Holiday World is easy. You just have to pick a date, select the menu, invite your Guests, and have fun!

Here are the top reasons to book a Group Outing:

  1. Increase Employee Morale & Engagement. Hosting a Group Outing at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is a great way to boost morale – it gives your employees the chance to step away from work for a day and spend quality time with their colleagues. You’ll help foster a sense of community, help build a more positive work environment, and have higher employee satisfaction.
  2. Better Employee Retention & Recruiting Outcomes. Employees can be the true cheerleaders of your organization and help bring in others with that same mindset. Company picnics with us are positive experiences that they’ll share with others and cherish the memories made for years to come.
  3. Improve Communication & Collaboration. By spending time together outside of work, employees will get to know each other better and build stronger relationships. Seeing co-workers and their families have fun is a great way to create common ground, which can lead to improved communication and collaboration when they return to work.
  4. It’s Affordable. Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari company events offer incredible value for the price. Company picnic packages include a fully catered meal along with admission to both parks. Partner that with free parking, free soft drinks, and free sunscreen. Our Group Outings are affordable for companies and groups of any size.
  5. They’re Fun! Who doesn’t like to have fun? Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari offer something for everyone. From family-friendly attractions to world-class roller coasters, the top-rated water rides in the world to spectacular live entertainment, we’ve got it all!

Want to get more details about planning a Group Outing with us? Check out our Group Event Planning Guide!

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your tickets are also protected by our Worry-Free Weather Guarantee. It’s activated when weather closes a portion of our attractions for a period of 90 minutes on the day of your visit. If that happens, everyone’s ticket will be reactivated and you’ll be able to visit another day this season.

So what are you waiting for?

We make the booking process easy. We take care of everything so you can enjoy the event with the rest of your team.

To get started, click here or call 812-467-2682.

Cabana & Lounger Updates for 2023

Are you looking to add a touch of luxury and convenience to your next visit?

Well, you’re in luck! Cabanas and Cheetah Chaise Loungers are the perfect way to level up your next visit to Splashin’ Safari! If you plan to reserve either this season, check out what’s new:

1. Reserve Cabanas Right from Your Phone

New in 2023, specific Cabana rental locations can be selected from your mobile device! You don’t have to make your reservation from a desktop computer to pick a location.

After you select the date you’ll be visiting, you can choose from any of the four Cabana locations – near The Wave, by Bahari River, close to Kima Bay, or right in front of Mammoth. After you pick the group of Cabanas, you’ll see a map to choose the specific Cabana you want.

Remember, each Cabana includes 8 wristbands, a ceiling fan, locking cabinet, table with four chairs, two chaise lounges, plus a mini-fridge stocked with eight bottles of water. Additionally, anyone in our Cabanas can take advantage of our Premium Meal Service. That brings us to number 2 on the list.

2. Mobile Food Ordering for Cabanas

New this season, instead of having to place your Premium Meal Service order in advance, you’ll be able to do it whenever you’d like right from your phone. You’ll just scan the QR code in your Cabana, check out all the options, and place your order.

You can choose from options like our Pizza Party, Chicken Tenders Meal, Totally Taco Tray, Mammoth Pretzel, Fresh Fruit Platter, Bucket O’ Cookies, and more.

We’ll deliver everything right to you!

3. Lockable Cabinets for Cheetah Chaise Loungers

Our Cheetah Chaise Loungers are perfect for parties of four or less. And this season, they’ll each come equipped with a lockable cabinet to store your valuables while you soak up the sun and breeze.

Cheetah Chaise Loungers will continue to include 4 wristbands, two shaded chaise lounges, and a small table. They’re located on Bahari River’s island.

So what are you waiting for? Reserve yours now before all the best locations are taken!

Cabanas and Cheetah Chaise Loungers are available during Splashin’ Safari’s hours of operations on the day of your visit. You can check in at Splashin’ Safari Rentals located in the entry plaza to the water park.

If you’re looking for a peaceful and luxurious experience in the water park, Cabana rentals are the way to go.

Click here for all the details and to book your Cabana or Cheetah Chaise Lounger now!

The women of Holiday World

Will and Lori in Legend Train at IAPPA

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, I’m thinking back to the matriarchs of each generation. 

My great-grandmother, Clarice Koch, moved to quiet Santa Claus, Indiana in 1945 to help Louis J. Koch oversee the construction of Santa Claus Land. I’m sure that wasn’t in her plans for retirement. We don’t have many pictures available of  Great-Grandma Clarice, so I’ve included her obituary from Newspapers.com. 

Clarice Koch 29 Jul 1961, Sat Evansville Courier and Press (Evansville, Indiana) Newspapers.comClarice Koch

Grandma & Grandpa Koch in The Legend car at IAAPA

My grandmother, Pat Koch–or Mrs. Koch to many of you– supported my grandfather Bill Koch as he grew the town of Santa Claus, and eventually helped cement our title as the Cleanest Park in the World as Director of Cleaning.

My mom, Lori Koch, took care of our family so my dad could spend his time growing the park.  To this day, she makes sure we hold true to our brand.

I love to look back and think about the massive risks the men in previous generations took on to make Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari and the greater town of Santa Claus what it is, but it’s easy to forget the women who weren’t President or CEO. The growth of our town and our park have come at great risk and sacrifice, and the risks and sacrifices weren’t just made by the men. 

As we tell the story of the generations of the park, here’s the way we like to break it down:

  • 1st Gen- The visionary generation
  • 2nd Gen- The generation that built the town
  • 3rd Gen- The generation that grew the parks
  • 4th Gen (that’s us!) – The storytelling generation 

As the fourth generation builds, we’re lucky that we have the capital to put into telling a story in our park. We only get to start where we did because other generations built something special and grew it.  

But I know it wasn’t easy. I know my mom had many days that she would have rather had my dad around, and I’m sure she wasn’t the only one. 

Will and Lori in Legend Train at IAPPA

Mom & Dad in The Legend car at IAAPA

So today, I thank the women of my family who weren’t quoted in the newspaper and didn’t always get to enjoy the limelight. Too often, they took on the risk and watched as the men took credit when it paid off. 

There are probably hundreds more stories in our industry about these women in family-owned parks and attractions who made success happen by bearing the family responsibilities and shouldering the same financial burdens. I thank these women today as well. 

And there are hundreds more women in our industry who, when I was just a girl, helped me realize that being a leader in this business would never be out of reach. At our park, I specifically think of my Aunt Natalie who ran Splashin’ Safari for years, and Paula Werne who was our Director of Communications for three decades and taught me everything I know. And I could list more… but I would go on all day. 

I aspire to match the strength, perseverance, and wisdom of these women. And to set a strong example for the next generations to come. 

Thank you.