By HoliBlogger Trina H.

Looking for the best Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari souvenirs? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you have spent a thrilling day on heart-pounding rides or a relaxing day by the water, it’s time to take a piece of this holiday-themed wonderland home with you.

In this guide, we’ll share the best souvenirs that will let you keep the magic alive, from festive apparel to ride-specific memorabilia.

Why Souvenirs Matter

Souvenirs aren’t just keepsakes; they’re cherished memories captured in tangible form.

My kids jump at the chance to shop for them. There is just something about the feeling you get walking out with a little memory for the road. Souvenirs can also be used as gifts for family and friends or even collector’s items.

Top Souvenirs at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari

After talking to the retail director for Holiday World and the staff at each retail location, we developed a top 10 list of the best souvenirs.

  1. Holiday World Shirts and Hoodies – Wear a T–shirt or sweatshirt to share with others where you visited. You may also need them to keep you warm at night. Nights in Indiana can get a little chilly and you might find yourself looking for a sweatshirt.
  2. Ride Specific Merchandise – Show your rollercoaster pride with t-shirts, posters, keychains, 3D models, and mugs. Check out the discontinued ride shirts for last chance merchandise. The new rollercoaster, Good Gravy, also has items available to purchase before it’s opening day in early 2024.
  3. Jewelry – Accessorize with jewelry. There are tons of cost-effective necklaces and bracelets for both girls and boys. Each of my boys got a shark tooth necklace on our last visit.
  4. Magnets – Purchase magnets of the park and individual rides. My teenager wants to collect magnets from each place that we go now and display them in his room.
  5. Bubble Wands – Catching bubbles might be the best past time. These bubble wands are a hit with the little kids. Besides the lights and bubbles, they also sync up with the drone shows at night.
  6. Splashin’ Safari Gear – Grab swim shirts, towels, and water toys to enjoy in the waterpark then bring them home.
  7. Souvenir Drink Cups – Invest in a refillable drink cup that you can use at home or school.
  8. Photo Memories – Display your captured photo memories in Holiday World frames. The photos taken with the Photo Pass during the rides make a great option to document memories.
  9. Ornaments – Collect ornaments for your tree that are Holiday World themed or ride specific. I know families that have a travel tree filled with ornaments from the places that they visited.
  10. Festive/Seasonal Accessories – Celebrate the holidays with festive merchandise. You can find pumpkin glow necklaces, Santa hats, headbands, plush stuffed animals, cups, and more.

Shopping Tips

It is inevitable that someone in your family will want to stop by a souvenir store and get something to take home.If your family is like ours, we have a budget, so we want to get the best souvenirs for our money. Here are some shopping and money-saving tips.

  • Budget Smart – Set a budget before you go to the park. Assign each kid an amount and if they want to spend more than they can bring allowance or earned extra money.
  • Hunt for Limited Editions – Keep an eye out for unique and limited-edition souvenirs. They add that exclusive touch to your collection.
  • Leverage Discounts – Look for extra discounts and deals. If you are a season pass holder, then you can get 10% – 20% off your purchase. Discount racks can also be located throughout the different stores.
  • Grab Bags – Grab up those mystery boxes. The boxes are wrapped items for boys, girls, and the young at heart (adults). These are a surprise and contain discounted items.
  • Transporting Items – Take advantage of Free Package Pick up. Shop throughout the park, then send to Holiday World Services to pick up on your way out of the park. It’s that easy! 


Places to Shop

Holiday World offers a variety of places to shop, each offering its own unique merchandise and souvenirs. Here are the top places to shop at Holiday World.

  • St. Nick’s Trading Company – Located just past the front gate to the right. This is the largest gift shop in the park. Stop back here at the end of the day to grab snacks for the drive home.
  • Liberty Bell Shoppe – Found in the Fourth of July section where you will find all the red, white, blue and more.
  • Voyage Photos & Gifts – While checking out your photos taken on the ride, shop ride specific merchandise.
  • Hevron’s Mercantile & Thunderbird Photos – View your photos from the ride, then pick out ride specific items along with some other general park merchandise.
  • Safari Outpost – Forget a towel? Grab a towel, swim shirt, water shoes, or anytime else you might need in the gift shop.
  • The HoliShop – Holiday World also offers an online store where you can purchase park merchandise and souvenirs from the comfort of your home. Bonus, these make great Christmas gifts, too. The staff has plans to widen the variety online so check back often.

As you leave the holiday spirit behind, remember that your visit to Holiday World lives on through these souvenirs. So go ahead and embark on your hunt for the best item and may the magic of your time at Holiday World stay with you, wherever you go!

Happy Souvenir Shopping!

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This blog post was written by HoliBlogger Trina H.

Trina Hopkins is a Midwest-based lifestyle blogger, content creator, and photographer behind Coffee and Confetti Mom. She aims to empower women and families to be intentional in creating memories and a home that they love.

As a mother of three boys, Trina created a blog in 2019 to share holiday traditions, home decor, party planning, and DIYs. She quickly realized she wasn’t the only one trying to create memories that last a lifetime. Through the years, she has also incorporated local family-friendly businesses and family travel destinations. Her goal is that you feel encouraged and confident to try new ideas and places too.

When she isn’t working or creating the next project, Trina enjoys the chance to get away for date nights with her hubby, long walks with her dog (or, let’s be real, snuggling on the couch), watching her boys play sports, and golf cart rides around the neighborhood visiting friends.

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