Brochure baby

We received an email from Connie yesterday. Asking about old brochures. Santa Claus Land brochures. Connie’s not a collector, though. Not of brochures, anyway. It’s just her daughter’s photo was once in a Santa Claus Land brochure. Somehow, over the years, Connie’s copy of that brochure was misplaced. Connie was a college chum of a…

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A year late?

The other evening, my youngest son and I came back to “work” to enjoy a few hours in the park together. James had never tried Monsoon Lagoon before; he was beside himself with glee and was literally the last one to leave. As the water park closed, and we headed back toward Holiday World, I…

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screw label

80-thousand strong

The delivery arrived this morning, and we’re 80-thousand strong. Two semi-loads. Eighty-thousand times three, actually. It wouldn’t all fit in the storage trailer. When Steve told us about the upcoming delivery in Monday’s staff meeting, I gasped, “Where will we put them all?” Steve misunderstood and gave me quite a look: “In the coaster structure,…

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A new number

Just because the announcement is in the past, that doesn’t mean the hints, teasing, and a mysterious number or two have gone away. Perish the thought! Tomorrow, we will receive a huge delivery on the Snowy White Gravel Road. Included will be 80,000 … things. We’ll post some photos and more info once the trucks…

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glass shop proposal

A glassy proposal

Oh! A proposal! Maybe that new section should have been Valentine’s Day! … ’cause love was all around yesterday at Holiday World. Karen, who’s in our Human Resources Department, tells the story: On Thursday evening, July 21, a gentleman named Chris stopped by the Bavarian Glassblowers Shop to observe the artisan at work. He saw…

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Holidog’s Voyage

Holidog’s voyage? I guess this shouldn’t surprise me. After all, my parking spot here at work is just a few spaces down from one marked “Santa Claus.” But … … I just received an email from Holidog Complete with pictures! Here’s some of the message: In celebration of our new themed area, I have decided…

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A case of the piles

Here’s another discussion about footers. It seems they’re also called piles. This is from our old pal DJ, you remember him, right? What the man in the photo is drilling into is typically referred to in the construction industry as a “pile.” A pile is a vertical shaft made of concrete. It is created by…

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Sometimes it’s best to ask an expert

Suffering from feelings of extreme inadequacy while creating yesterday’s HoliBlog post, I realized it was time for me to ask an expert. After all, this watching-The-Voyage-grow-and-grow will only get more complicated in the coming weeks, right? Happily, Chad at The Gravity Group is more than happy to educate us: Most of what the guys are…

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Vanessa and Will

In the pink

Turning 30 is a milestone and worthy of celebrating in the pink! Oh, no – not me! (Heavens, no!) Our Director of Merchandise, Vanessa, turned 30 the other day. And everyone … everyone … was in the pink. Because it’s Vanessa’s favorite color Will didn’t get to wear his pink shirt the rest of the…

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We work at Walt Disney World

Here’s a lovely note from some Disney World cast members. In 1948 my Mother, Father and I came to Santa Claus Land, at Santa Claus, Indiana. I thought it was great. Boy, have you changed! ( I still have picture of that trip.) On July 5, 2005, 14 of my family members came to Holiday…

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The hint no one caught

I found hint this to be stunning. And no one caught it. Whew! And I was certain it was a complete give-away. It started on July 5. I wanted to show you one of the … um … more interesting photos taken by the editor of our local paper. She took it during our fireworks…

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Guess I’ll go eat worms

That’s right – worms! A lady called for more information about her upcoming visit. When our Call Center operator asked if she needed to make group reservations, since she was bringing a busload, she said she’d won a contest and already had her tickets. “I ate worms.” Excuse me, ma’am? “To win the contest, I…

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The Raven

That’s so Edgar

That’s so predictable. Another day, another travel writer. Another park tour. And another chuckle. The cute little neighbor girl she’d brought along (for a child’s view of the park) unintentionally made me feel like a total geezer. When I pointed out The Raven wooden roller coaster, she turned her head quickly to take a look,…

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