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Sweepstakes: Summer Kickoff

Congratulations to our winner: Brittany G. from White Lake, Michigan! Thanks to all who entered. More giveaways coming up soon! —– Click. Did you hear that? It was the sound of me moving the little switch on our thermostat from Heat to Cool. Because it’s starting to feel like summer! What better way to kick off…

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Santa murals

Whatever happened to the Santa murals?

They’re back! Sort of looks like a Santa Claus Art Gallery, doesn’t it? The murals, which originated in 1991, were carefully preserved over the winter months. It’s time, though, for them to claim their space in Santa’s Merry Marketplace. I’ve got to admit, we were stunned by the many accusations that we’d abandoned these works of…

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We tasted both General Tso's Chicken, as well as this delicious vegetarian version:

Top, Tour, Taste

Yesterday’s media event for the Tower Topping at Santa’s Merry Marketplace was a ho-ho-whole lot of fun! To begin with, the weather was just perfect and the trees were awakening. TV crews, newspaper reporters, radio personalities, and the HoliDrone were on hand to watch the topping of the six-story tower at Santa’s Merry Marketplace. Want…

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The Legend logo

Legend rides again!

Whatever you do, don’t look back! – Legend rides again This afternoon we got the call that The Legend was about to head out on its first rides of the season. Around here, that’s a big deal Stephen grabbed his video gear and headed down Halloween Hill to catch the start of Legend’s 20th season:…

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Calming Room

The Calming Room

We post this photo of our pal Mick Foley on Twitter annually for Autism Awareness Day. He wears that Autism Acceptance band in honor of his son Mickey and the many others who deserve acceptance. And each year, a number of people tweet their thanks to Mick, on behalf of their children. … because it’s…

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Santa Claus

A visit 20 years in the making

Do you remember what you wanted for Christmas a few months ago? (I’m here in Santa Claus, Indiana, and I sure don’t!) How about 20 years ago? This brother and sister, now grown, crossed a visit to Holiday World off their Santa-inspired bucket list after 20 years of dreaming. The brother blogged about their story…

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Mermaid ICEE

Mermaid mystery

Did you know there’s a new ICEE flavor called Mermaid? Well, there is: When we put together our ICEE Mix It Up Sweepstakes, we wanted to include a list of the 12 flavors we’ll offer this season. The three new flavors are Warheads Strawberry Grape Smashup, Strawberry Lemonade, and … Mermaid. Mermaid? A quick check around…

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Holidog Express train ride

The training train

It is training season here at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari: Foods training, Lifeguard drills,  Sweeper coaching, Admissions instruction … the list goes on and on. Come to think of it, there’s even train training. There’s also lots of Safety Training. Each department has its own, and there are additional company-wide sessions. This one is…

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Snow Globe, featuring Wildebeest

Snow on the first day of spring?

Snow? No, thank goodness, we’re talking about the arrival of snow globes on the first day of spring. The Vernal Equinox, if you will. One of only two days each year when day and night are equal. Tomorrow, the days grow just a little bit longer. We’ll have two new snow globes in the shops this…

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Raging Rapids

Flex Tickets get even Flexier

A few years back, we introduced Pick Your Price ticket discounts, which give you the opportunity to shop around for the day and price that suits you best. Last year, we add another option, called 2 Day Flex Tickets. Now we also offer 3 Day Flex Tickets Here are some details: The 2 Day Flex Tickets provide…

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ICEE Bubble Yards

Sweepstakes: ICEE Mix It Up

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner: Debbie G. from Georgetown, Indiana! Our runner-up winner is Sandra S. from Fulton, Mississippi;  Jennifer W. from O’Fallon, Missouri; and Stefany D. from Terre Haute, Indiana. Thanks to all who entered! —– Our ICEE Mix It Up stand was a big hit last season. Small wonder – all that cold, bubbly,…

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