Don the painter

Don’t brush aside our painters!

As the clock ticks louder and louder, counting down the minutes till opening day, our many crews – including the painters – are doing whatever it takes to get the park ready. The painters are hard at work. It’s difficult to tell sometimes (that they’re hard at work) because they have such a rollicking good…

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Time to whine

Update: In case you found this blog post (from 2005) in your quest to discover which time zone Holiday World is on, we’ll make it simple: Central Daylight Time. We realize most of Indiana is on Eastern, but our little corner of the state is on Central. —– Last night, the Indiana State Legislature made…

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Test ball

Problem solving the high-tech way

Wow! Will Koch is getting into this HoliBlogging — two days in a row! (He cautioned me not to expect something every day. We’ll take what we can get, right?) This is from Will: Yesterday, our marketing director, John, called and said we needed to talk about the logo design for the water tower. We…

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Revolution at night

Around and around we go!

Well. Maybe not we. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with getting older, but those circular rides make me sick. Sorry, I can’t “spin” this into something positive, but it really doesn’t matter, does it? You either like to put centrifugal force to the test or you don’t. I’ll  gladly pass Back…

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The big countdown

Oh, my gosh — it just hit me! How does time pass so quickly from year to year? There’s never enough time to get ready. And now, all of a sudden, we’re down to single digits! Just eight months till Christmas! (Faked you out, didn’t I?) It’s so much fun to be out at the…

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Woodn’t you like to know?

Will Koch does not like to cut down trees. Let me rephrase that: Will Koch does not like to cut down tree It’s against his nature. He wants as much shade as possible in the park. And the beauty of the old hardwoods is part of his family’s heritage. He’s the third generation to run…

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Even the skulls are smiling!

A friend from Massachusetts emailed me this morning to tell me about his young daughter. Ella just turned six and is a darling little girl. As the mother of three sons (no daughters) and the sister to three brothers, I do have an affinity for stories about daughters. They watched one of the Harry Potter…

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Pirates in training

Training on the high seas

Training is one big yawn, right? The trainer says, “Blah, blah, blah,” while you nod politely and wonder what’s for dinner. Our lifeguards get 32 hours of training before they start work Each year the members of the management staff at Splashin’ Safari put on their thinking caps and come up with a theme. The…

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Tax Day extension

Steven in marketing is already planning to expand our proposed Tax Day themed section. He is in brilliant form today: Dependant Land – a special area just for children Deduction Junction – a train ride, to keep us on track Special Robot Mascots – named W-2, W-4, and I-9 Thanks, Steven. We appreciate your interest.

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Christmas Crater

The Christmas Crater

Three weeks till opening. Rain this week didn’t help the process of getting ready. Look at how much we got: Who needs a rain gauge when you’ve got a Christmas Crater? But wait! What’s that on the left? There – by the edge of the giant puddle. A white flag? A treasure map? A sail?…

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Applause Fountain construction

Where did our fountain go?

Long, long ago … before the town of Santa Claus was even named … a giant meteor crashed into one of the town’s hillsides, leaving behind a huge crater for folks from miles around to come and see. It was amazing. A shooting star came to rest in this town. And it happened on Christmas…

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A taxing topic

About 18 months ago, I got a new computer here at work. One of the fussy little set-up chores is to go through and choose all the “Options” in Outlook. I send my emails HTML. I sort my Contacts by Address Cards (but not Detailed Address Cards). And I prefer my Icons small and in…

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Mrs. Koch and her broom

The Queen of Clean strikes again

Rachel came back from the main office this afternoon with the following story about our resident Queen of Clean: As I was looking for more letterhead over at the main office today, I heard a big sigh come through the door first … then Will. I chuckled and Will said, “I asked Marlene if she…

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Raven station

… but somebody’s got to do it

The call came out on the two-way radio first thing this morning: All units, we need 24 bodies for The Raven! Training is a particularly rough time around here. We have to ride roller coasters over and over. We have sample new food items day after day. Bummer. Rachel and I trudged dutifully out to…

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