water button

Water, water everywhere

… and not a drop to drink. Not! About once a week during the season, we receive a comment that our Free Unlimited Soft Drinks selection should include water. Well. Actually. It does If you dash in and dash out of one of the Pepsi Oasis buildings scattered throughout the parks … … you may…

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Must be “sweeps week”

Oh, my: It’s Sweeps Week Erica and Jackson got married after 17 long years. Carrie and Bo are prepping their pipes. Thirty million headed over to Wisteria Lane to get some answers. … and Pat Koch is featured in a “Close Up” on Evansville TV this evening. The producer called yesterday and needed some additional…

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So, who won the truck?

Remember the amazing truck that was on display in the Christmas plaza? And the contest sponsored by our friends at WBKR radio station? The 33 finalists gathered here Saturday morning and each picked a spot on Revolution. A quick spin of the wheel and… A tie The special arrow added to the ride just for the contest…

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Bahari theming

Oh, the emails we receive …

We chuckle at the emails asking “how do we get there?” and not mentioning their location. And the ones asking us to mail them a brochure, but they don’t include their address. Then there are the phone calls asking, “Are you on the same time with me?” Only they don’t tell us their Time Zone….

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Painting water tower

Would you want this job?

I tease a lot of the directors here at the park: I’m sure glad you like your job — I sure wouldn’t want to do it! Happily, not too many of my fellow employees are camping out at my office door, either. It’s nice to be well-suited to your job. Your career. What about these…

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Friday the 13th brings good luck

It’s Friday the 13th and we are not open to the public. That’s because we are hosting our 13th annual Play Day for 2,200 children with disabilities. It’s a wonderful event and you’ll never see happier children. Here’s Mrs. Koch visiting with a young friend: Our thanks to all the wonderful children, their parents, teachers,…

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Mayor of Santa Claus Land

Who was our mayor in 1959?

Thanks to Hilton for emailing me about an interesting story from our Santa Claus Land days. Hilton won a nation-wide contest. His prize? He was named Town Marshal of the town of Santa Claus for the entire year of 1959. Well, lookee here … Jerry, our archivist par excellence, found a photo and some articles…

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Stack o’ wood

It’s been a busy day, but at long last, your trusty servant has tracked down the answer to yesterday’s intriguing “stack o’ wood” photo. That stack o’ wood — ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? — it’s for a fence around Bahari, our new wave…

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Another interesting delivery

Okay, to date I’ve been called sneaky, a tease, and sly. And that’s all in the past month. One fellow even accused me of enjoying the “torcher” of HoliBlog readers. (I believe he meant torture, as I have yet to light anyone on fire.) So as not to disappoint all those fans, here’s another intriguing…

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Original Skeeball machines

Out with the old … in with the new

About a year and a half ago, Will announced in staff meeting: I want to see more Guests walking around the park with plush that they’ve won. Huh? I guess this should not have surprised me. Will is, after all, the fellow who came up with the Free Unlimited Soft Drinks program for the year…

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Water tower

That giant lightbulb in the sky

The day has finally arrived! We all gathered around (along with a number of locals, who brought lawn chairs) and watched as … Teepee + Stack + Bowl = Water Tower! I’d always thought of the pieces as the cone, the cylinder, and the sphere. (Gosh, maybe I never will use what I learned back…

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A bit of housekeeping

We’ve received a number of emails with general questions, so let’s answer them here and now: Q: Will the HoliBlog continue after opening day? A: Certainly! If I can make it through this week and still write an entry or two each day (with the help of my friends), there shouldn’t be any problem continuing….

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new fountain


Have you been concerned about the progress of the new fountain in the Christmas Plaza? It’s progressing nicely, thank you: I feel like such a dog, prancing out of my office to take a photo of people who are really earning their pay. The park is buzzing with activity! Let’s hope they know we appreciate…

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decorated tree

Christmas comes early for Mrs. Koch

When you look up “determined” in the dictionary, chances are Mrs. Koch’s photo will be there. Every season, there are two or three things that just bug her. Drive her crazy. Up a tree, even But she doesn’t gripe and complain. She figures out a way to change it. It’s usually something people whisper in…

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