Stack o’ wood

It’s been a busy day, but at long last, your trusty servant has tracked down the answer to yesterday’s intriguing “stack o’ wood” photo. That stack o’ wood — ?…

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A bit of housekeeping

We’ve received a number of emails with general questions, so let’s answer them here and now: Q: Will the HoliBlog continue after opening day? A: Certainly! If I can make…

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new fountain


Have you been concerned about the progress of the new fountain in the Christmas Plaza? It’s progressing nicely, thank you: I feel like such a dog, prancing out of my…

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mystery materials

Brace yourself!

That’s right: Brace yourself! Are you planning to visit Holiday World this weekend? Or maybe stop by sooner to get your season-pass photo taken? Either way, when you stop by,…

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Don the painter

Don’t brush aside our painters!

As the clock ticks louder and louder, counting down the minutes till opening day, our many crews – including the painters – are doing whatever it takes to get the…

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