Unpainted water tower

Up, up and away!

It’s noisier than usual this spring. There’s a giant contraption being assembled right across the street in our Legend parking lot. And it looks like a hot-air balloon: Actually, it’s…

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Second Raven train

First flight

The second train at The Raven is feeling right at home. You guessed it — Raven Red! Originally (back in 1994), I was in favor of a black train, since…

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Raven sighting

Just pulled into my parking space and saw, off in the woods, The Raven flying by. It’s roller-coaster testing time. The train is empty, of course. But still, what a glorious…

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Bradford pear trees

It always snows in April

It’s a shame we’re not open this month. Now that’s a dangerous statement to make 29 days before opening. Everyone is focused on getting rides ready to go, employees trained,…

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A friend from ’62

Wow. It’s not just my Mom reading this thing. An email came in late yesterday afternoon from a lady asking about discounts. When I emailed her back with the information,…

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By the numbers

Just to put to rest any cynical suspicions that the HoliBlog is intended to be a sweet, puffy, sugary, cotton-candy cog in my magical PR spin machine… I’m about to…

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