Podcast: The One with the Merch and Perks

On this episode, the PodSquad gives us an inside glimpse at all of the exciting merchandise hitting our shops and deals around the park in 2020. Click the player below to listen to Season 2, Episode 8: VP of Park Operations Matt B., Director of Games Michael C., and Director of Retail Vanessa K. all…

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Sweepstakes: Launch into Spring!

We lost an hour when our clocks launched forward this weekend, but that means we are closer to riding Cheetah Chase! Last week at the Cheetah Chase site, several launch pieces were attached and we want to celebrate with a sweepstake! For a chance to win, comment below who is going to be riding in…

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Podcast: The One with Some More Feedback

The HoWoPo faithful really know how to make the PodSquad feel special! In the last feedback episode we caught up on an entire YEARS worth of feedback, luckily we are all caught up to 2020! Season 2, Episode 7 is available NOW!Enjoy the podcast yourself to hear more and to see which arbitrary holidays the…

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Cheetah Chase Sweetheart Update

In January, Josh highlighted the balance tank’s role in making Cheetah Chase come to life.Since then, progress has been in RocketBLAST mode! Our belated Valentine’s day treat was seeing six GIANT pumps got placed into the balance tank! Check out the latest episode of our Hard Hat Chronicles series for a more in-depth update on…

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The Official Holiday World Podcast

Podcast: The One with the Voyaging Cheetah Carousel

It’s the off-season, but construction and maintenance are in full force all around the park! The PodSquad was joined by Sean S., Maintenance Planner, and Anthony V., Maintenance Manager to get an update on all the work being done on Voyage, Cheetah Chase, and the Star Spangled Carousel. We are so fortunate to have so…

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Sweepstakes: We Love Dippin’ Dots!

Congratulations to our winner, Tina from Louisville, Kentucky! Dippin’ Dots can be found all over Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. They joined us on the Official Holiday World Podast in 2018, and we even opened a Dippin’ Dots Sundae Shop in 2019. Needless to say, we LOVE the remarkably fresh and flavorful beaded ice cream!…

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Cheetah Chase Head-to-Head

Extra Season Passholder Perks

We’re racing toward the 2020 season and are eager to debut Cheetah Chase, the World’s First Launched Water Coaster. Our Season Passholders will have the the most opportunities to ride this splashy new attraction this year, but that’s not the only benefit to having a Season Pass with us. Passholders get tons of great perks…

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Podcast: The One Where We’re Seeing 2020

Sabrina here! I’m in the room during all of the podcast recordings, but I play the silent role of timekeeper, guest arranger, and other duties as assigned role to keep the podcast rolling. Well, there was that one time they pulled me in so I could brag about the progress on the Star Spangled Carousel….

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Holiday Cottage

Sweepstakes: 100 Days Giveaway!

Congratulations to our winner, Brenna T. from Shelbyville, Kentucky! ___ We’ve all been waiting for Winter to really arrive here in Southern Indiana. It’s safe to say it’s here! Light flurries this week have given our park a whimsical winter feel, while our team works hard to make sure it’s magical in May. Since we…

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Cheetah Chase Balance Tank as seen from The Voyage

What’s a Balance Tank?

It’s time for another Cheetah Chase Check-In! If you’ve been following the Cheetah Chase construction on our SplashCam lately, you’ll notice that we haven’t installed any new fiberglass pieces recently. That’s because our attention has turned to the station. Well. The tank underneath the station. Last week we started pouring the balance tank for Cheetah…

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Podcast: The one with the shiny new toys

We’re back! From now on we’ll be releasing one new 30-min(ish) podcast episode every other Sunday night/Monday morning for your commute or cleaning session or whatever. We establish early on that remembering the time between recording and releasing is hard, and spoiler..we don’t get better at it! We kick off this episode by introducing our…

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Podcast: The one with the year of feedback

We’ve missed out on a lot of feedback in one year. In fact, we dedicated an entire episode to feedback. We heard about bacon hour at McDonald’s. We don’t want to brag, but every hour is bacon hour at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. Is there a @McDonalds in Santa Claus, IN? Asking for our…

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Podcast: The one where we missed you too

The Podsquad is back in action! We’ve missed hearing from everyone and we’re so glad to be returning to your commutes, cleaning sessions, etc. We kicked things off with a tribute to Paula, who retired in June this year. She was our long-time Director of Communications and creator and host of the Official Holiday World…

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Podcast: The one with the kNights who say “Whee!”

In Season 2: Episode 2, the Podsquad takes on HoliWood Nights 2020: The HoliWood kNights Who Say “Whee!” The squad welcomed two guests: Director of Marketing Ashley Blankenbaker and Creative Manager Stephen Rutherford. For those who aren’t familiar HoliWood Nights is our annual event where we loosely parody a movie, and this year’s theme is…

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Podcast: Three for the Price of One

We’ve been plotting the return of the podcast for a while. If you haven’t listened yet, I highly recommend you check out some of our old episodes, available at www.holidayworld.com/holisounds (or wherever you get your podcasts). We decided that we wanted to try some new things with this next version of the podcast, so if…

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