The Holiday World Podcast is coming back!

You read that correctly! After a one-year hiatus, the pod squad has been workinghard to bring you quality content and a new format! Shortly after we kick off the new year we will be rolling out three fresh podcast episodes to enjoy during your morning commute To hold you over while you wait, It felt…

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Completed Pillow Box

Gifting a Holiday World Ticket or Season Pass

With Christmas fast approaching and tons of great sales underway, we’ve had a couple fans reach out to us and ask for a special or unique way of gifting a ticket or Season Pass they purchased. Some Season Passholders in our Facebook Passholder Group started chatting about the best or most creative ways they came…

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HoWoHacks: Kid Safety

If your goal is to leave Holiday World with the same number of kids you came with, these are the hacks for you! Read on to learn safety tips to keep your trip fun and memorable! For this post, I’ll be using a picture from our last trip of the 2018 Season. HoWoHack #1: Take…

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All They Can Be

This year we honor four Army veterans, one Marine, and one Coast Guard. So we’ll add as an extension of the title: Semper Fidelus | Semper Paratus  Today, we thank the men and women of the United States armed forces who have served to protect our country and defend our freedom.  In a single trip…

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HoliDrone Captures first Cheetah Chase Fiberglass Lift

All Downhill From Here

Because we just placed the tallest slide pieces of Cheetah Chase! We’ve got to catch you up on what’s been happening in Splashin’ Safari. It’s time for a Cheetah Chase Check In! Our last check in showed the first footers taking shape and the fiberglass for the slide arriving. As you can see, we’ve made…

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Who Gets the Last Ride?

Have you ever wondered who gets the last ride of the season?  After a million guests come through our gates each year, who gets to be the very last rider of the season?  I mean, at HoliWood Nights, people buy the right to be the last rider of the night. Wouldn’t the last ride of…

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HoliBlog | Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

2019 Season ends with a magical proposal!

Each year the end of the season is bittersweet, but this year our 2019 Season ended with a new beginning. We closed out our 2019 Season with a magical proposal! In early October, Derek reached out to our team for help planning a proposal for his son. Logan and his girlfriend Ashley were traveling here from…

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Out with the Old, In with the Smooth

This week we set out to answer two of your burning questions about the Voyage: Why did we start track work early? What are we doing to the track? Initially we thought we would take some cellphone pictures to share progress on the Voyage. Once we started working with the maintenance team and heard what…

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Hoosier choice for “Monster of the Year?”

During Happy Halloween Weekends, Hoosier Celebration Stage gets a touch of spooky fun! Monster Mash is one of our brand new spooktacular shows that puts you in the judges seat to crown “Monster of the Year.” Keep reading to the very bottom for a sneak peek! Sit a spell and let us introduce you to these…

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Amanda and Alison

Walking in a Halloween Wonderland

Each year for Happy Halloween Weekends, our seasonal Team Members transform the park to give it a festive Halloween Feeling. So our Communications team set out while the park was still being decorated. Since we’re still in Santa Claus, Indiana, it just makes sense to call it a walk in a “Halloween Wonderland.” I’m sorry….

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Sweepstakes: Coolest Time to Visit

Congratulations to our winner, Brooke W. from Evansville, Indiana! ___ Have you visited Holiday World during Happy Halloween Weekends? Normally we can comfortably say that the lines are shorter and the weather is cooler. Well, the first of those two has been true this year. It’s still been pretty warm these past few weeks. But…

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Death by Chocolate Funnel Cake

A Menu Worth Falling For

Being “Holiday World”, you could say we know how to celebrate a season. The park is looking festive, the shows are going to be exhilarating and fresh, but guys… Feast your eyes on our Happy Halloween Weekend Menu items below! Eats: Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps  Fried Ravioli (Beef) Impossible Burger Chicken Enchilada Soup Impossible Burger…

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Raven During Happy Halloween Weekends

Sweepstakes: Happy Halloween Weekends Spooktacular

Happy Halloween Weekends are here! That means cooler weather, shorter lines, and all the family-friendly Halloween fun you can handle. The end of our 2019 season is quickly approaching, but it’s not over just yet. We still have time for one more sweepstakes. The trick is that you’ll need to be quick to win. The…

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