Team Australia 2015

The 11th Annual Holimpics

Every year, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari’s HR department hosts the event of the season: the Holimpics. It’s the ultimate test of theme park athleticism where our Team Members form teams to “represent” different countries from around the world.   Tonight is the night  Tonight one country (or group of our Team Members) will emerge…

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Holidog Inn Photo

Pleasing pets the World over

When we say we are “#1 for Family Fun,” we mean the entire family, even the furry members. Just inside our admission gates is the Holidog Inn, a kennel where even Holidog feels comfortable telling his friends to “Relax, it’s the Holidog Inn.” Here’s Holidog with his buddy Pax, along with some tips about our…

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Festive Flurries - Sweet Stuff

‘People’ loves our Festive Flurries

Holiday World’s Festive Flurries are new this year. And people are noticing.  Well… “People” is noticing.  That’s right! Our Festive Flurries were featured alongside our Thanksgiving Dinner from Plymouth Rock Cafe in a list of “20 Amusement Park Foods from Across the Country That Everyone Needs to Try at Least Once.”  I’m glad to see our…

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Hard-hat stickers for Voyage work

Popular Mechanics: Hoosier best?

Sorry for the “hoosier” thing in the subject line, but it’s such low-hanging fruit, you know? When Popular Mechanics decided to name the best roller coaster in each state, they kindly took a look at us. And our coasters. Because they know stuff. And the winner is … We’ll let The Gravity Group tell you:…

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1998 brochure clip

The bucket list

Have you seen The Bucket List? It was a really popular movie back in 2007 and popularized the term “bucket list.” It’s a funny but ultimately sad story about making the most out of life. Of course, this comes with the understanding that end-of-life is inevitable. And that leads me to this story about our original…

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Jeannie C. Riley ad

That “Harper Valley PTA” Girl!

What in the world do Jeannie C. Riley and the song Harper Valley PTA have to do with Holiday World? The Grammy Award winner’s connection is with Santa Claus Land, actually; she performed her hit Harper Valley PTA in concert here on Sunday, June 11, 1978. That’s 41 years ago! This ad is from our archives Something else in that…

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Lake Rudolph Holiday Cottage Exterior

Sweepstakes: Better Act Fast

Did you know that The Voyage is one of the fastest wooden roller coasters in the world? It clocks in at 67.4 miles per hour! If you think you’re fast, our latest sweepstakes is perfect for you. It’s all about speed. The best part? There will be dozens of winners! The Grand Prize is a…

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Mick Foley in Paula's office

“Have a nice ride”

Look who stopped by my office last week! No, it’s not John Goodman. It’s WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley! Mick likes theme parks. And Santa Claus. And he really likes roller coasters. But because he’s been, uh … active in his career, roller coasters have been out of the question for a number of…

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Splashin’ Safari surprised us all!

It’s Splashin’ Safari’s birthday! Our water park opened on May 29, 1993. It was much smaller back then. In fact, our news release announced it would be a five-year project, costing $3 million. Boy, were we wrong! Here’s an article from The Herald, from back on October 30, 1992: What? SplashWater Safari? Yes, that was…

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Mammoth drop

Sweepstakes: Splashin’ Family Getaway

Congratulations to Allison A. from Nashville, Tennessee, who is our winner! Thanks to all who entered – watch for another sweepstakes coming up soon! —– We all like to win, right? Here’s your opportunity to win four tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari plus two overnights in a Holiday Cottage* at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV…

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48 Hours' correspondant Richard Schlesinger and park president Will Koch

The day CBS News came to town

What fun it is to revisit our past – with oh so many wonderful stories to tell from our 73 years! This includes a visit from CBS News! Here’s a share of a video our ACE friend Sean posted on YouTube. (ACE = American Coaster Enthusiasts. Yes, that’s a thing.) For the backstory about the day…

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Mom and Daughter in Bahari Wave

Sweepstakes: Who’s the Swiftest of them all?

Congratulations to our winner: Tracy S.! Thanks to all who entered. More giveaways coming up soon! —– Thunderbird launches from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. If you think you’re that swift, our latest sweepstakes is perfect for you. It’s all about speed. The best part? We’ll have dozens of winners!…

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