Veteran’s Day 2021

“Thank You.” The phrase seemed insufficient and I felt unworthy as I wrote down the names, military branch, and years of service of each of the men pictured. Standing before…

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How do you measure fun?

A few weeks ago, a question popped into my head.  How many soft drinks do we really give away each year?  The answer? Approximately 5,000,000.  That led me to another…

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Two young girls with happy, surprised faces

Kids World Sneak Peek with New Recipe!

August marks the start of school for many, but we are excited about the return of Kid’s World, Where Kids Rule the World! What is Kids World? It’s everything you…

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National Water Coaster Day

Is it national irony day yet?

Warning: This blog post contains some inside jokes from The Official Holiday World Podcast. I’ll do my best to explain, but I make no promises.  Hi, I’m Director of Communications…

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