Walking in a Halloween Wonderland

Amanda and Alison

Each year for Happy Halloween Weekends, our seasonal Team Members transform the park to give it a festive Halloween Feeling. So our Communications team set out while the park was still being decorated. Since we’re still in Santa Claus, Indiana, it just makes sense to call it a walk in a “Halloween Wonderland.” I’m sorry….

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It’s Love Your Pet Day

Joe and Moose

We have some very recognizable and lovable faces here at Holiday World. No, I’m not just talking about our staff – I’m talking about our mascots! Safari Sam, Holidog, Kitty Claws, and George the Eagle pose for a lot of pictures every day. But our mascots aren’t the only important animals in the lives of…

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Steady as she goes …

"The vortex is in motion!" Well, it didn't take a second call on the two-way radio for Nathan and Amanda to grab cameras and dash over to the Holiday Theater to witness for themselves the grand finale of Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure in action. Here's Amanda (complete with glowing headband and wobbily knees) trying to…

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So who’s in the “mail room”?

There are so many stories about famous, successful folks who have “worked their way up” in the world. It seems they all got their start in the mail room. That’s not exactly what’s happened with Amanda, but she has impressed us for years as a seasonal employee who’s brought with her a happy smile and…

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