Ornamental fountain

Ornaments fountain

Here’s something you don’t exactly see every day … … not even in the town of Santa Claus! It arrived first thing this morning: Our shiny new ornamental fountain (get it?). Take a look at the fun And so, you may ask, what happened to that perfectly good other fountain statue? No worries! The Applause…

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Pop goes the culture

It's so much fun working in the "all ages" environment we have here at Holiday World. There's so much energy mixed in with the sense of history. We've helped make memories for 67 years. One drawback I've found, though, is having to explain pop-culture references to the younger generation. Pop-culture references from, admittedly, a long…

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A fulfilling task

So now that the very long to-do list is being whittled down to a very short to-do list, what still needs to be accomplished before opening day? Fill the Applause Fountain, of course! Here's a time-lapse video of the process. We had our hands full, didn't we? Holiday World opens for the season this Saturday,…

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10 days till opening: Will Koch’s thoughts

Here is Will’s first HoliBlog post: As opening approaches, everywhere I go in town, people ask me, “Are you ready?” And I always respond, “No. But we will be on opening day.” They also want to know whether I’m nervous about getting the park open. The funny thing is that I always (honestly) reply that…

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Where did our fountain go?

Applause Fountain construction

Long, long ago … before the town of Santa Claus was even named … a giant meteor crashed into one of the town’s hillsides, leaving behind a huge crater for folks from miles around to come and see. It was amazing. A shooting star came to rest in this town. And it happened on Christmas…

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