Ornamental fountain

Ornaments fountain

Here’s something you don’t exactly see every day … … not even in the town of Santa Claus! It arrived first thing this morning: Our shiny new ornamental fountain (get…

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Our fountain, then and now

It's not just the snow – our fountain has changed a lot over the years! Here's this week's "Transformation Tuesday" photos, showing our pre-Applause Fountain and those chilly hands, surrounded…

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Pop goes the culture

It's so much fun working in the "all ages" environment we have here at Holiday World. There's so much energy mixed in with the sense of history. We've helped make…

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In good hands

Ah, good … Craig’s on the scene. You remember Craig, right? Tom’s there, too. Griping that the sound of the drill reminds him of going to the dentist. Ugh. He’s…

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The Applause Fountain is nearly complete! The lights arrived. The fountain filled. And by golly, it works! I got a particular charge out of what I assumed was a brother/sister…

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Just add water

It’s so frustrating when a supplier is late. But sometimes it happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. Except to maybe whine a little. Or a lot. The…

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new fountain

Have you been concerned about the progress of the new fountain in the Christmas Plaza? It’s progressing nicely, thank you: I feel like such a dog, prancing out of my…

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The Christmas Crater

Christmas Crater

Three weeks till opening. Rain this week didn’t help the process of getting ready. Look at how much we got: Who needs a rain gauge when you’ve got a Christmas…

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Where did our fountain go?

Applause Fountain construction

Long, long ago … before the town of Santa Claus was even named … a giant meteor crashed into one of the town’s hillsides, leaving behind a huge crater for…

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