The woods are ablaze with fall colors

Such a pretty time of the year! The trees are brilliant with red, yellow, gold and … Yes, there’s a pop of orange out in the woods by The Voyage this year. Where exactly? Thunderbird will cross Voyage once right here: As you can see, it’s between the second and third hills on Voyage. Of…

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The leaves they are a-changin’

As dry as it’s been, our expectations for a colorful fall have been low. How very nice to be wrong. This is The Legend in our Halloween section. Thanks to Mike from The Gravity Group for snapping it (and sharing it).

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An ever-changing skyline

Voyage in the distance

Wow, has our skyline changed! Take a look: From the Funnel Cake Factory in the 4th of July section: And from the west side of the Raging Rapids observation deck. That’s the Bamboo Chute water slide running through the picture. Here’s a little closer to the water slide. Remember, the Bamboo Chute will be reprofiled…

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