The 11th Annual Holimpics

Team Australia 2015

Every year, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari’s HR department hosts the event of the season: the Holimpics. It’s the ultimate test of theme park athleticism where our Team Members form teams to “represent” different countries from around the world.   Tonight is the night  Tonight one country (or group of our Team Members) will emerge…

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Down by the Riverside

Riverside Retreats

When we ask visitors what they enjoy the most during their day at Splashin’ Safari, not everyone says the water coasters. Hard to believe. I know. Wildebeest and Mammoth definitely top the list, but another favorite activity is floating lazily on the Bahari River. If that’s your favorite hangout, you might want to make your day extra…

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Tips for Toes

I love shoes – always have. As a child, there were two times out of the year – back to school and the beginning of summer – I especially looked forward to because it meant – new shoes! Since we had Season Passes to the park, we spent a lot of our time in Splashin’…

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Tubes of fun

Visiting Splashin’ Safari with my family during my childhood, one of our favorite things to do together was float around the lazy river. My favorite part about the river – blue tubes! I still remember the excitement of stepping into the river for the first time and discovering there was a tube that was just my size….

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Yin and yang

The peaceful relaxation of Bahari River. And the rush of a back-seat ride on The Voyage. Bliss!

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“This is more-like paradise!”

Final tunnel

That funny little phrase was uttered Friday evening by James as we walked hand in hand through the park. The hours get long this time of year, but the burden of carrying a key is sometimes a perk. You get to take your six-year-old son along for an after-hours HoliBlog photo shoot. It was his…

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Two months to go

Voyage station construction

Ha! I got to be the first one to say it! Construction is well underway as we move toward opening day in just two months. Of course, I cheated by saying it a day early, but I guess that’s my prerogative. First, we see the Pepsi Oasis building in our new Thanksgiving section. And this…

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Bahari River’s location

Bahari River plan

We all know about The Voyage, but exactly where is Bahari River’s location? It helps to look on this graphic: It will be back here, between the two wave pools and behind Monsoon Lagoon: Remember all those culverts? We will put those culverts to good use. Gotta keep the creek out of the River, right?…

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Who dumped this stuff?

Who dumped this stuff? … and does Mrs. Koch know what a mess they made? The grassy area to the south of our employee parking lot is full of very large, shiny, cylindrical objects. When I went up close to take this photo, I got dizzy (how embarrassing): These two, together, looked like a huge…

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