Happy Birthday to us… Part 2!

75th Dedication Plaque

We (I) recently discovered from IAAPA historian Jim Futrell (shameless plug listen to our interview with him here) that Santa Claus Land kind of has two opening days, so we…

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#ThrowbackThursday: Ski Show

Human Pyramid

Did you know we used to have a water-ski show? It was a long time ago. Sixty years, actually. It was called the Willie Bartley Water Ski Show and was…

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Podcast: The one with the Retiree

Mike and Joe

Mike Johannes has certainly never been thought of as a retiring sort of person. But after 26 years with us, it seems our Director of Sales is heading off to make…

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Podcast: Making Merry

Lauren Wand

It’s the aftermath of announcing Santa’s Merry Marketplace and our podsquad is still a bit giddy for today’s podcast episode:     We talk a lot about producing the announcement video…

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Podcast: Promises Kept

Leah - Golden Ticket Award

I won’t ruin the surprise, but a promise made long ago (and repeatedly) was finally kept this morning … The Golden Ticket Awards were held last weekend in Connecticut. Leah…

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Podcast: Hire & Hire

The #PodSquad is back, with a Firecracker update, the story of Kitty Claws and her tutu, and a visit from HR: Here’s the tweet with our first IT Intern, Andy…

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Podcast: December dreams

It’s been a full month since the #PodSquad assembled, so we kicked off December with memories of Thanksgiving, a mannequin video, and plans for 2017: Here’s the AtlasObscura article about our…

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Podcast #007: May Flowers

It’s podcast time again! Here are a few teasers … A tasty surprise. A promo code. A plant with a Halloween theme: Ride names from our Santa Claus Land days:…

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Remembering December 7

Bill Koch in Navy 1942

It has been many years since the bombing of Pearl Harbor – the attack that pulled the United States into World War II. A young Navy Reserve officer from Santa…

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A Halloween tale

Raven Pin | HoliShop

Back in 1994, it was such a thrill to take part in naming our first big roller coaster. We knew it was going to be built in our Halloween section,…

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Remembering Bill Koch

Ten years ago today, we said good-bye to a wonderful man. Bill Koch devoted his life to developing Santa Claus Land and the town of Santa Claus. Bill and Pat…

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