Pasta perfect

Bill Koch meeting the creator of Fettuccine Alfredo

When a family-owned business has been around for 65 years, there are always new discoveries. By that I mean … we’re forever finding precious old photos and mementos tucked away in odd places. The other day, Mrs. Koch bounded into my office carrying a big box. Look what we just found in the attic over…

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“She planted far more than flowers…”

She was independent and hard-working. She was smart and she was funny. And she lived to be 100. But sadly, our beloved "flower lady," Frieda Foertsch, passed away yesterday. From 1954 until 2009, Frieda graced us with her formidable presence. Whether working the front gate, helping in the kitchen, sewing a new red suit for…

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Speaking in the House

Last week, Mrs. Koch and Dan accompanied our marketing director to the Statehouse for some meetings with elected officials. When they peeked in to see the goings-on in the House, our local Representative, Sue Ellspermann, asked Mrs. Koch to say a few words. Since it was off-the-cuff, there was no script. (Not even a few…

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Birthdays are holidays, too …

… so let’s take a minute to say Happy Birthday to a very special man. Bill Koch was born in Evansville on January 10, 1915. He graduated from Reitz High School in 1932 and Purdue University in 1937. Then it was off to Annapolis for post-graduate work at the U.S. Naval Academy and ship reconstruction…

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Mrs. Koch is pretty popular on the motivational-speaker circuit. (So much so, she sometimes overbooks. Recently, I had to step in for her; the audience's disappointment was palpable.) The talk she gives to groups of a certain gender is called WoW (Women of Wisdom). She gets lots of standing ovations. She earned a "wow" of…

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Can we tie in with today’s big nat’l news?

Star Wars poster

You betcha! This banner is hanging outside the building of the town’s sole C-store. It made me think of a story from a few years back … It was the summer of 2002, less than a year after Mr. Koch passed away. A lovely bipartisan effort by our state legislature resulted in the renaming of…

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Where did our fountain go?

Applause Fountain construction

Long, long ago … before the town of Santa Claus was even named … a giant meteor crashed into one of the town’s hillsides, leaving behind a huge crater for folks from miles around to come and see. It was amazing. A shooting star came to rest in this town. And it happened on Christmas…

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A story from the 1940s

1956 Bill Koch with parents

Mrs. Koch just called and told me this little story; she asked me to add it to our HoliBlog: On Sunday, there was a knock at her door. It was an elderly gentleman, who asked if she knew the whereabouts of L.J. Koch, Jr., an old friend. She explained that he had passed away; he…

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By the numbers

Just to put to rest any cynical suspicions that the HoliBlog is intended to be a sweet, puffy, sugary, cotton-candy cog in my magical PR spin machine… I’m about to pull my hair out! And it’s all about numbers. Now, I’m not a math genius, but I can hold my own. I balance my checkbook….

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