Podcast: The brush off

The #podsquad braved the snow and ice to bring you a new podcast episode. Truth be told, it’s 42 degrees out this afternoon … and the biggest danger any of us faces is getting dripped on by an icicle. Today, Tommy Johnson, our Paint Shop Manager, joins us to talk about how his crew keeps…

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Podcast: Holidog’s transformation

In today’s podcast episode, there are a lot of graphics. Knowing that our listeners would be wondering what we’re talking about, I kept promising to post the photos. First, here’s the podcast: And here are the illustrations (I hope I caught them all – I’m sure you’ll let me know if I didn’t). We hope…

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Podcast highlights

We’re halfway between podcasts, so it’s time for a video of highlights from the last episode: Shocking, I know, that our “70 Degrees of Separation” game isn’t included in the highlights. If you want to hear who won the last challenge (hint, my three-year-old grandson, Cameron, kept shouting “elephant!” when we had the podcast on…

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“Up, up, up!”


Family is what it’s all about. No one’s going to argue with that statement, right? Whether we look toward the older generation or the little ones just getting started, there’s nothing like the memories we have of our moments together. And so I tell you this story as a happy grandma. My little grandson is…

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Get smarter

Cone of Silence meme

“Weh-woe? Weh-woe?” When I heard my toddler grandson “answering” the phone this morning in the next room, I grinned. Then I looked to see what household item served as his toy phone this time. Two-year-old Cameron has been known to “answer” a calculator, empty cup, and TV remote control. Weh-woe? This time it was his…

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