Puppy love

Korey, one of the four Gravity Group guys, likes to stay in touch. Right before the holidays he wrote to tell us that Lord Chadwick had just become Lord Dadwick….

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“M” is for Mud

Voyage station construction

Chad from The Gravity Group was here on Tuesday to check up on Voyage construction But who knew? After tromping about the construction site, catching up on the progress made over…

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They never did say “blimey”

Liz and David

What a disappointment. Not a single “blimey.” “Oh no … ” chirped Liz. “They only say ‘blimey’ in Mary Poppins!” They did, however, greatly add to my laudatory lexicon. Here…

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Wood is good

Rachel donned her hard hat and headed down to The Voyage’s construction site this morning. Because wood is good. Here’s what she found: Ah…wood! Those are ledgers. What’s a ledger?…

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Sometimes it’s best to ask an expert

Suffering from feelings of extreme inadequacy while creating yesterday’s HoliBlog post, I realized it was time for me to ask an expert. After all, this watching-The-Voyage-grow-and-grow will only get more…

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