Sweepstakes: National Water Coaster Day 2022

National Water Coaster Day

Last year, Wildebeest, our first water coaster that started us on a journey toward becoming the Water Coaster Capital of the World, hit 1 MILLION cycles on July 22. We celebrated by declaring our own holiday: National Water Coaster Day. After all, we’re Holiday World, and it was about time we created our own holiday. …

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The Year of the Virtual Lucite

Wildebeest & Mammoth Water Coasters

We at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari look forward to the Golden Ticket Awards by Amusement Today every year. My dad used to call it “Bringing home the lucite.”  Historically, the awards have been hosted by many parks through the years–including three times at Holiday World. It’s always been fun to spend time with colleagues…

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Sweepstakes: Christmas came early (Vote now!)

First of all, we never want to miss a chance to thank our fans for supporting us this summer. It meant the world to us that people continued to visit us even in the middle of a pandemic. We launched Cheetah Chase this summer, knowing that it wouldn’t bring the crowds a new attraction normally…

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Sweepstakes: Chasing Fun Family Getaway

The Chase is on! Cheetah Chase is officially open and thrilling riders this year and we want to give one lucky family the chance to ride it in 2020!  We are officially the Water Coaster Capital of the World now, after all.  Ready to dip your toe in that refreshing, cool water? Here’s your opportunity…

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Season Pass – First Splash

Dear 2020 Season Passholders,  Thank you for being such strong supporters of us during one of the most difficult seasons we’ve ever had to face. We’ve been so happy to see you so far this summer, and we can’t wait to let you have the first access to Splashin’ Safari!  We’ve been planning a Cheetah…

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Sweepstakes: Splashin’ to Summer Getaway

Cheetah Chase | The World's First Launched Water Coaster

Congratulations our our winner Tonie W. from Vincennes, Indiana.  ————– We can’t wait for Cheetah Chase to open along with the rest of Splashin’ Safari on July 4. To celebrate our the Grand Opening of Cheetah Chase and Splashin’ Safari this year, here’s your opportunity to win four tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari…

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Sweepstakes: Launch into Spring!

We lost an hour when our clocks launched forward this weekend, but that means we are closer to riding Cheetah Chase! Last week at the Cheetah Chase site, several launch pieces were attached and we want to celebrate with a sweepstake! For a chance to win, comment below who is going to be riding in…

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Cheetah Chase Sweetheart Update

In January, Josh highlighted the balance tank’s role in making Cheetah Chase come to life.Since then, progress has been in RocketBLAST mode! Our belated Valentine’s day treat was seeing six GIANT pumps got placed into the balance tank! Check out the latest episode of our Hard Hat Chronicles series for a more in-depth update on…

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What’s a Balance Tank?

Cheetah Chase Balance Tank as seen from The Voyage

It’s time for another Cheetah Chase Check-In! If you’ve been following the Cheetah Chase construction on our SplashCam lately, you’ll notice that we haven’t installed any new fiberglass pieces recently. That’s because our attention has turned to the station. Well. The tank underneath the station. Last week we started pouring the balance tank for Cheetah…

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A Thousand Words

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, you’re about to become very well-read as we look through our most popular Instagram photos from 2019. Ready to see the highlights? Let’s get started! Number 5: Airtime! We kick things off at HoliWood Nights, our coaster enthusiast event that we host each year on the…

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All Downhill From Here

HoliDrone Captures first Cheetah Chase Fiberglass Lift

Because we just placed the tallest slide pieces of Cheetah Chase! We’ve got to catch you up on what’s been happening in Splashin’ Safari. It’s time for a Cheetah Chase Check In! Our last check in showed the first footers taking shape and the fiberglass for the slide arriving. As you can see, we’ve made…

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Out with the Old, In with the Smooth

This week we set out to answer two of your burning questions about the Voyage: Why did we start track work early? What are we doing to the track? Initially we thought we would take some cellphone pictures to share progress on the Voyage. Once we started working with the maintenance team and heard what…

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