Gifting a Holiday World Ticket or Season Pass

Completed Pillow Box

With Christmas fast approaching and tons of great sales underway, we’ve had a couple fans reach out to us and ask for a special or unique way of gifting a ticket or Season Pass they purchased. Some Season Passholders in our Facebook Passholder Group started chatting about the best or most creative ways they came…

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‘People’ loves our Festive Flurries

Festive Flurries - Sweet Stuff

Holiday World’s Festive Flurries are new this year. And people are noticing.  Well… “People” is noticing.  That’s right! Our Festive Flurries were featured alongside our Thanksgiving Dinner from Plymouth Rock Cafe in a list of “20 Amusement Park Foods from Across the Country That Everyone Needs to Try at Least Once.”  I’m glad to see our…

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Before we all roam … a Christmas poem

2018 Ugly Sweaters at Christmas breakfast

As Christmas fast approaches, we pause to celebrate the season of Claus. Last Friday’s full-time staff breakfast was the celebration of a job well done. Our HR Team even rewrote and recited this Christmas poem to those gathered:    ‘Twas the Night before break and all through the park    Our teams were scurrying, not losing their…

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…with boughs of folly!

Santa with Santa Claus Land sign

Happy Saint Nicholas Day! This HoliBlog story was originally posted exactly 10 years ago today. —– I’ll bet every parent has a sweet and funny story about a little one not quite fully capturing the lines of a Christmas song. My James came up with “boughs of folly” last night. Didn’t have the heart to…

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Christmas in July Sweepstakes!

Santa Outside of Mrs. Klaus' Kitchen

Congratulations to Melinda P. from Bloomington, Indiana, who was selected at random to be our winner. Thanks to all who entered! —– Is there anyone else out there who’ll admit to leaving just a few Christmas decorations up year ’round – just because you can’t quite let go of the holiday spirit? I know you’re…

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Podcast: Christmas Crazies

With Christmas fast approaching, we recorded our final podcast episode of the year today. The PodSquad doesn’t quite catch the brilliance of Turkey Lurkey Time. No matter what you think of the lyrics, you will surely be blown away by Donna McKechnie (the tall “office worker” in this performance on the 1969 Tony Awards) and…

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A cup of Christmas cheer

Hint: Don’t miss the coffee mug at the beginning. Who says IT types don’t have a sense of humor?! (Thanks, Steven!) Post by Holiday World & Splashin' Safari.

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Christmas is in bloom!

Such a pretty sight! Lovely flowers are popping up this week all over our Christmas section. We open in just nine days! Christmas is blooming! #FlowerPower — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) April 24, 2014

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What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

It's fun reading through the comments with all of your favorite Christmas movies. I think I need to add a few more titles to my must-watch list for this year!" Post by Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. I asked some of our full-time staff for their favorites: It's a Wonderful Life – Jason, Food &…

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It’s beginning to look a lot like …

 … yes, Christmas! While most folks are putting away their Easter decor, we're awakening the elves. And here's Cheryl, fastening a big bow on one of the light poles in our Christmas Plaza. It's so nice to see our beautiful trees greening up. Do you think Cheryl is noticing that a certain roller coaster in…

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A Swede Christmas message

It's pretty difficult to complain about your job when you work at a theme park. We're in the business of "fun," after all. And it is… We have the added benefit of getting to meet "park people" from all over the world. We share stories and advice and forge lifelong friendships. Peter and Annika, for…

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