Warm memories

Marcus Returning on Voyage

The first snowstorm of the season has come and gone – and it’s only November 15! Our pal Marcus Leshock found a way to warm our hearts, though, by posting this YouTube video. It’s from when he visited this summer on assignment with WGN-TV in Chicago: Be sure to un-mute the video … ’cause Marcus is a…

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‘House Hunters’ airs Thursday!

House Hunters on Thunderbird | Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

There’s something extra special about being located in a town named Santa Claus. Especially this time of year. Back in the summer, HGTV called us about their plan to produce a series of “House Hunters” episodes this year – each featuring a town themed around Christmas. Their crew followed Tom and Terri as they prepared to relocate…

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Up on a roof top

Three or four times each season, some poor soul has to climb up on a roof top. (No, not Santa. It's the wrong time of year for him to be up there.) You know which roof top I'm talking about if you've ever ridden Voyage. And what is harvested? A bucket of hair ties! There's…

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A hair-raising photo

When we launched our “Coaster Hair” photo contest last week, we made a point of stating that “creative simulations” were acceptable and even encouraged. Lisa A. from Greenwood, Indiana, took us at our word. Take a gander at the head-o-coaster-hair her daughter Kenna produced! Kenna’s wild and wonderful Coaster Hair is full of souvenirs from…

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Got good “coaster hair”?

Years ago, we were hosting a Discovery Channel crew, here to shoot footage of coaster enthusiasts riding The Legend roller coaster. The field producer had a very specific request: "Find me riders with good coaster hair for the front seat." ….uh … excuse me? That was the first time I’d heard the term. But not…

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You can hear it in St. Louis

The Raven

Last summer, we got a call from a travel writer with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Tom and I had been in touch for several years and it was great to know he planned to drive the three hours to visit us. Tom was particularly fun to walk with around the park. He was fascinated by…

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