A tall tale

James Werne at The Voyage

My youngest child spent his final four in utero months riding around Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari as Mommy took reporters and travel writers on tours of the parks. When my ob/gyn figured out how significant a baby was on the way, he offered to speed things up a bit. Sweet Baby James was 12…

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Who dumped this stuff?

Who dumped this stuff? … and does Mrs. Koch know what a mess they made? The grassy area to the south of our employee parking lot is full of very large, shiny, cylindrical objects. When I went up close to take this photo, I got dizzy (how embarrassing): These two, together, looked like a huge…

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Pilgrim’s progress

We’re seeing progress! It’s really starting to look like a coaster. Just ask Craig … This next shot (thanks, Rachel) is where, on The Voyage, you’ll fly down the first drop and charge up the second hill. This next photo shows part of the structure where we’re on our way back to the station. Breathless….

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Wood is good

Rachel donned her hard hat and headed down to The Voyage’s construction site this morning. Because wood is good. Here’s what she found: Ah…wood! Those are ledgers. What’s a ledger? According to Chad at The Gravity Group: A ledger is the wood cross-beam at the top of each bent that supports the track. The ledger…

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Vertical Voyage

Voyage's first bent

It’s a great sign when roller-coaster construction gets vertical. One Voyage “bent” down (or, actually, up) … … and that means there are just 899 to go! A bent, by the way … is a civil engineering term for a horizontal cross section of a structure. And isn’t there a famous saying that goes something…

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80-thousand strong

screw label

The delivery arrived this morning, and we’re 80-thousand strong. Two semi-loads. Eighty-thousand times three, actually. It wouldn’t all fit in the storage trailer. When Steve told us about the upcoming delivery in Monday’s staff meeting, I gasped, “Where will we put them all?” Steve misunderstood and gave me quite a look: “In the coaster structure,…

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A case of the piles

Here’s another discussion about footers. It seems they’re also called piles. This is from our old pal DJ, you remember him, right? What the man in the photo is drilling into is typically referred to in the construction industry as a “pile.” A pile is a vertical shaft made of concrete. It is created by…

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Sometimes it’s best to ask an expert

Suffering from feelings of extreme inadequacy while creating yesterday’s HoliBlog post, I realized it was time for me to ask an expert. After all, this watching-The-Voyage-grow-and-grow will only get more complicated in the coming weeks, right? Happily, Chad at The Gravity Group is more than happy to educate us: Most of what the guys are…

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Voyage construction photos

early Voyage construction

Rachel, who is truly a wonderful person, offered to head up to the Voyage construction site this morning. She set out before it got too hot to take some photos for you. All together now: Thank you, Rachel! Let’s start out by looking from side to side at the top of the hill when you…

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