2018 corn maze

We’re no stranger to puns here at Holiday World. (You’ve been warned.) … and so when we’re told we’re outstanding in our field, we take that seriously. A corn field, that is Twelve acres. Out by Thunderbird: Each spring, a local farmer plants the cornfield. When the stalks are knee-high to a fairly tall human,…

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Podcast: Halloween treats

1984 Brochure outside

It’s always a treat when Leah joins us on podcast day: We had fun recalling Lauren and Leah’s dad’s appearance on The Colbert Report 11 years ago. Wow. I’d completely forgotten about how I was the only one not to receive an autographed photo … sigh. Our webcam is back online, in case you need…

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Get lost (on purpose!)

Holidog in Corn Maze

Check out this HoliDrone photo: At first, I didn’t believe it was a real photo. It had an almost-too-perfect quality that made me think it was a computer-generated image. The Activity Trail that’s been set up for Happy Halloween Weekends includes two corn mazes (both are available at no additional charge). I’d never been in one…

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An a-MAZE-ing Sweepstakes!

Corn Maze Cutting

Congratulations to our winner: Diane A., from Evansville, Indiana! Thanks to all who entered! ——- We promised in the last podcast episode to post this video soon and build a sweepstakes around it. Because cutting a 12-acre corn maze and recording the process with a drone is – quite simply – amazing! Alright, so let’s…

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A-maze-ing fun!

It takes heading up in an airplane to create the big “reveal” each fall, as we show you our latest corn-maze design for Happy Halloween Weekends: Cornfused about our maze? Here you go: a Raven’s-eye view. Happy Halloween Weekends start tomorrow! — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) September 23, 2016 Our 12-acres corn maze – and everything…

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The park in the middle of cornfields

Ah, there's more than a kernel of truth to that – we are, indeed, a park surrounded by cornfields! And during Happy Halloween Weekends, we bring the cornfields into the park: It's interesting to witness the different approaches taken by the amazing mazers. Some families grab a map and power-walk their way through the stalks…

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Corn stalkers

Have you tried to make it through our Kitty Claws Corn Maze yet? It's huge! There's an incredible feeling of jubilation when you make it "back out" from such a gigantic corn maze. A certain 18-month-old has it all figured out. Cole supervises while his godfather, Matt, does the not-so-heavy lifting. There's no extra charge…

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Halloween :30s

If you live outside of our local area, chances are you don't ever get to see our television commercials. Thanks to YouTube, you can see them, too: We hope you'll join us for Happy Halloween Weekends, Saturday and Sundays now through October 27. We have tickets available here on our website – prices are discounted…

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Halloween FAQ

Remember yesterday's post about Lauren's meeting with the spiders? Well, apparently they were just consultants, not workers. Poor Michael was challenged with spinning his own web. … and then somehow moving it from ground level up into the sky. A bit of rain didn't get him down. Michael spun a little magic and, with the…

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From “corncept” to reality

The puns are popping as we talk about our corn maze. Or is that maize maze? We hired a company that specializes in cutting corn mazes. I guess you can say they're outstanding in their field … Aw, shucks. It's still not clear what this year's design looks like. Happily, we have some friends in…

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