Wattle we ride first?

Turkey Whirl Assembly

Some may find this to be fowl, but if you take a look at turkey anatomy, you’ll know a wattle is that fleshy neck thingy (technically speaking, of course). The other weird turkey word? The snood of course. That’s the hangy thing over the turkey’s beak. Speaking of snood, did you know the farmer in Gobbler Getaway…

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Minding the mint

Dippin' Dots sundaes

Is it the mint? Or maybe the crunch? Or the Oreos? Something about this new Dippin’ Dots flavor got People magazine so excited they posted an enthusiastic article about it. So we tweeted it: A culinary announcement so important it was featured in @People magazine! And yes, we’ll serve Cool Mint Crunch here – in…

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Podcast: Dippin’ Dots Gal

Dippin' Dots for podcast

There’s a long-running joke among coaster enthusiasts that all worthwhile rumors about parks come from … The Dippin’ Dots Guy. Because nearly every park sells that beloved treat and nearly every park has secrets to keep. For today’s podcast episode, we got The Dippin’ Dots Gal – Billie Stuber – on the horn and learned all…

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Sweepstakes: We Love Dippin’ Dots!


Congratulations to our three winners – all chosen at random: Wendi S. of Alton, Illinois, Kristy C. of Stendal, Indiana. and Lauren S. of Fort Wayne. Thanks to all who entered! —– We’re excited to welcome Billie from Dippin’ Dots to our next podcast episode. … because everybody loves Dippin’ Dots, right? We’ve been serving…

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Choose your chocolate

Cookies & Cream it is! Congratulations to Kelly P. from Shepherdsville, Kentucky, whose name was drawn at random from the many retweets. Kelly receives two free tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. Thanks to all who entered! ——- Here’s another quickie ticket giveaway – help us choose a new Dippin’ Dots flavor (all the…

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Vote for a new flavor – and enter to win tickets!

Congratulations to Shayna S. from Vincennes, Indiana! Her name was chosen at random from the many who voted in our poll and re-tweeted it; she receives two one-day tickets to Holiday World! The winning new Dippin’ Dots flavor – in a landslide vote – is Birthday Cake. And that’s just in time to help celebrate…

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A chilling moment

Despite our best efforts to make these little fellas feel right at home, this trio of newcomers decided to search our Christmas section for a taste of home. …and so this was our "Prize Pics" contest photo for the week: Shuffling just a few feet away from their home at the Bean Bag Toss game,…

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