Podcast: Making Merry

Lauren Wand

It’s the aftermath of announcing Santa’s Merry Marketplace and our podsquad is still a bit giddy for today’s podcast episode:     We talk a lot about producing the announcement video for Santa’s Merry Marketplace. And here it is: Lauren’s wand-choreography rehearsal The glitter went … everywhere. Hrm, this doesn’t look like the Baconland announcement. Maybe…

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Podcast: The brush off

The #podsquad braved the snow and ice to bring you a new podcast episode. Truth be told, it’s 42 degrees out this afternoon … and the biggest danger any of us faces is getting dripped on by an icicle. Today, Tommy Johnson, our Paint Shop Manager, joins us to talk about how his crew keeps…

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Cabin Fever? Enter this Sweepstakes!

Congratulations to Casey J. from Breese, Illinios, who was chosen at random to win two nights in a Rudolph’s Christmas Cabin, plus four tickets to Holiday World. Thanks to all who entered – and for all the great advice about how to conquer cabin fever! —————- How’s the weather forecast looking in your neck of…

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Dress Up Your Pet Day

Here at Holiday World, we make merry on more holidays than just Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving. For example, today we paws to celebrate “Dress Up Your Pet Day”! Those who have pets understand it when I say they are part of our families. They eat with us, travel with us, and are…

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A peek behind the (shower) curtain

Warm, fuzzy moments happen around here all the time. And when one of the men on staff tells the story, it’s all the sweeter. So when the new guy (Tony…our Director of Maintenance) emailed this to our staff of directors, it seemed a pity not to post it here: When I was at the Bahari…

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A Halloween tale

Raven Pin | HoliShop

Back in 1994, it was such a thrill to take part in naming our first big roller coaster. We knew it was going to be built in our Halloween section, so there were nearly endless theming ideas. It turned out to be a rather creepy experience. The first shivery chill occurred on a very hot…

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Holidog pays his respects

As you may be aware, Holidog likes to travel. The little fellow recently accompanied admissions director Eric and his wife to Baltimore. But why Baltimore, you may ask? To pay his respects to his old pal Edgar.

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It’s not just Abe …

Snowy Raven station

…who is putting 200 candles on his cake this year. So is Edgar Allan Snow … er, Poe. In fact EAP has the same birthday as Will’s wife, Lori (not the same year, though – stop trying to get me in trouble!). So in honor of Poe’s bicentennial …   … we put a little icing…

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That’s so Edgar

The Raven

That’s so predictable. Another day, another travel writer. Another park tour. And another chuckle. The cute little neighbor girl she’d brought along (for a child’s view of the park) unintentionally made me feel like a total geezer. When I pointed out The Raven wooden roller coaster, she turned her head quickly to take a look,…

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