A fowl memory of Santa Claus Land

We received a confession, of sorts, from Ginger via email this week. The Bloomington, Indiana, lady graciously gave us permission to make this a public confession. We searched our photo…

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Do you remember Santa Claus Land?

We started out, back in 1946, as a park called Santa Claus Land. Here’s a rather remarkable precursor to today’s infomercial. And yes, it includes a darling Santa Jim cameo….

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Here it comes

There is a sigh of relief around here as we complete our last day of "daily" operations. We're still open weekends, of course, but not Monday through Friday (with the…

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More memories of feathered friends

Baseball-playing chicken

It’s amazing the Santa Claus Land memories that are stirred whenever we talk about the Educated Animals. Here’s an email from last week: I really appreciated the picture of the…

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Signs of spring

Fire Chief Rabbit

Good grief, we had quite the “in like a lion” spring storm this afternoon. The “signs of spring” are impossible to miss this year. A local radio station was counting…

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