Hard Hat Chronicles, episode XX

Voyage Crossing

Question: When were fractions invented? Was it after Roman Numerals were already in place? … because both XIX.V and XIX I/II just look wrong. And so, we’ll move on and call this second part of Episode XIX simply Episode XX. (If you haven’t watched Episode XIX yet, please go back and take a look.) In this episode,…

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Hard Hat Chronicles, episode XIX

90° from above

It’s been eight months since our last episode of the Hard Hat Chronicles, so we’ll get you two of them this month! VP James has a lot to be excited about – because The Voyage is getting all kinds of TLC this off-season. Here’s a look of some of that work, thanks to our HoliDrone (and…

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Podcast: Coaster tracker

VP James-podcast

Our resident newlywed joined us for today’s podcast episode! VP James clued us in on what’s going on with our wooden roller coasters during the off-season:     James gave us the lowdown on a few other projects we haven’t yet mentioned. One of the holiday napkins I’ve been saving, along with the obligatory Voyage Extreme…

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The Hard Hat Chronicles return

Coaster Cats on Voyage

March came in like a lion and is going out like an incredibly busy lamb. (Baa-a-a-d pun alert) … but VP James isn’t a bit sheepish in his update for this latest Hard Hat Chronicles: Here’s another look at the Alamo restaurant‘s new look: And our Coaster Cats, who are happy working in their office…

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Knock wood

No one’s knocking our choice of wood in the retracking of The Legend, that’s for sure! Are you familiar with Ipe wood? VP James will bring us all up to speed in this latest episode of the Hard Hat Chronicles … The Legend will open on May 7. Can’t wait to ride!

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Podcast: The one with the Blue Sandman

Another podcast is in the can. The HoliCan, as it were. In it you will hear #FlashBackFriday stories about Thunderbird-planning obsessions. Also, we’ll each reveal our favorite Splashin’ Safari attraction and share a story about Will Koch. Plus this (hint: VP James is back): And tons more. Plus, another rousing round of our 70 Degrees…

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Podcast: The one with the crowdsourcing

Wow, those two weeks went by fast! We recorded Podcast Episode 2 this morning, with guest VP James providing us with a Legend update, including a description of the new “double down” element. Want to know even more about the double down? Be sure to listen! And here are three photos that will make no sense…

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“I watched your podcast”

^ Been hearing that phrase a lot lately. (Thanks for tuning in!) Until I realized I was being obnoxious and stopped, I had corrected several “viewers” to remind them that a podcast is audio only. (In a nutshell, our podcast is an online on-demand talk radio show.) Then Stephen came up with the idea to create…

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Coaster boot camp

Watching the work on The Legend‘s track makes me think of boot camp, where the emphasis is to build you up, but only after first breaking you down. (I don’t have personal experience in the military, but Semper Fi to my baby brother!) And so, today we show you the first step in the re-tracking…

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Full STEAM ahead

You’ve heard of STEM, right? It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. There’s another acronym now, with an additional letter: STEAM. “A” is for Art. How does art mix in with, say … roller coaster design? Nate Heck from Artrageous with Nate spent a day with us last fall to find out. His first stop was…

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The Legend reborn

We’ve teased you long enough. Here’s what we’re working on for our 70th Birthday season: We hope you’re as excited as we are to experience our wooden coasters again for the first time – especially The Legend! (Oh, and Thunderbird, too!) This snow won’t last forever … By the way, if you’ve been meaning to…

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National Roller Coaster Day!

To help celebrate National Roller Coaster Day, let’s take a look at a scene that didn’t quite make the final cut of this week’s episode of Thrill Factor: If you’d like to see the full episode, it will re-run tonight at 10:30pm CDT (that’s 11:30pm EDT) on the Travel Channel.

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