Remember to turn the Lights Out!

Lights Out! | Happy Halloween Weekends | Holiday World

Lights Out! This is what you came for… Back for a second season with all new songs and choreography, Lights Out! takes over the Hoosier Celebration Theater every Saturday and Sunday during Happy Halloween Weekends. Our long-abandoned troupe of circus performers comes back to life for one final show. This high-energy show features 21 “spookified”…

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Podcast: The one with the PYP

‘Twas a blessing to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day with the #PodSquad, who did their best to share a bit o’ blarney for today’s podcast episode. We hope you enjoy listening: We’re excited about progress on the restoration of our classic Calypo ride. Firecracker’s lights are being installed this week: Watch for updates about Firecracker plus…

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The drive to dive

Well, she did it – one of our incredible divers went to the World High Dive Championship in Russia this week, and she’s bringing home the silver medal. Congratulations to our diver Cesilie, who just took the silver in the FINA High Diving World Championship in Russia! — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) August 4, 2015…

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Drum roll, please

After being heralded as the World’s Cleanest Park for more than a dozen years, you’d think we’d know every use for a trash can. This season, we’ve done that trendy re-purpose thing – and trash cans aren’t just for keeping the place tidy anymore. During your next visit, you may stumble upon our trash-can band…

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Cliff notes

You just never know what our divers are up to on their days off … Congratulations to Cesilie from our Dive team – she took First Place at a Red Bull Cliff Diving Women’s World Series event in Portugal over the weekend! (She’s in the center of this photo from the event’s Facebook page.) Here’s…

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Will Rayvon ride Raven?

… and can you say that five times fast? We’re so excited to host our park alum, American Idol finalist Rayvon Owen tomorrow. Guess who's coming to visit us on Friday! #MeetAndGreet @RayvonOwen @AmericanIdol #ParkAlum — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) June 4, 2015 Rayvon’s meet and greet is Friday at 2pm CDT. We’ll be hanging…

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The typo heard round the World

Leah on a Unicylce

Well, that’s embarrassing. As someone who types every last letter of every single word – even when texting, a slip of the index finger can lead to a stunning repercussion. As Sophia from The Golden Girls would say, “Picture it: White House, Tennessee; 2015 …” Our Entertainment staff is off-site this weekend, deep into rehearsals…

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He is always on our minds

Rayvon Owen in Rejoice! 2011

If you follow us on social media (especially Twitter!) you know that each Wednesday night, we’re cheering for park alum Rayvon Owen on American Idol. For the past three weeks, Rayvon has received the “Twitter Save” from fans and continued on to another week in the high-stakes competition. That first time, my iPhone nearly exploded….

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A sneak peek

Rayvon Owen

If you follow the HoliBlog, you already know we’re busting with pride over Rayvon Owen, who was in our shows back in 2011. He auditioned for American Idol and got his Golden Ticket. Each week our friend takes another step toward his dream. This performance hasn’t aired just yet, but since American Idol posted this…

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An audition for American Idol

Four years ago, a young man from Richmond, Virginia, auditioned to be in our musical shows. Rayvon Owen was invited to join us for the 2011 season, and we’re so glad he did. My middle son, John, worked tech for the shows that season. He remembers Rayvon as a really nice guy, with a voice…

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Hoosier favorite zombie?

Ah, but actually our talented troupe of undead are from all over … er, under. This year’s Graveyard Smash zombies hail (and wail) from as close by as Santa Claus and Jasper and as far away as New York, Chicago, New Orleans and Honolulu! They sing like a bunch of ghouls: We hope you’ll join…

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Broadway bound

We get asked every year about our entertainers, past and present – do any of them turn their fun summer gig into a career? Sure! We have lots of success stories to tell from over the years. And one more HoliStar will twinkle on Broadway tonight. That’s right – Nick Burroughs opens on Broadway tonight….

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