Remember to turn the Lights Out!

Lights Out! | Happy Halloween Weekends | Holiday World

Lights Out! This is what you came for… Back for a second season with all new songs and choreography, Lights Out! takes over the Hoosier Celebration Theater every Saturday and Sunday during Happy Halloween Weekends. Our long-abandoned troupe of circus performers comes back to life for one final show. This high-energy show features 21 “spookified”…

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Podcast: SWOT analysis

Sad Eric with 4 lattes

With a couple of SWOT enthusiasts sitting around the #podsquad table, you knew it was only a matter of time: That Corn Bin photo posted on the Book of Face: Don’t those kiddos look like adults at a coffee shop … or a spa? Our Facebook frame for Happy Halloween Weekends is only a click…

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Halloween “boos” and don’ts

Eek! Happy Halloween Weekends are halfway over! Boo-ginning today, you have just three more weekends to visit before we turn the lights out on another season. You haven’t checked us out yet this fall? Here’s a list of Boos & Don’ts for your visit … Make the most of Happy Halloween Weekends Boo: Enjoy the extra sleep! During…

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A special kind of magic

Don with Rabbit in Box

When our favorite magic man, Don Baggett, was moving in just before starting his annual fall shows in the park, he shared some news. This will be his last season with us. And his final show ever as a magician will be here at Holiday World, on Sunday, October 29, at 4pm. As much as…

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Today is National Carousel Day and Christmas in July! So let’s roll back the clock and watch Jolly Ol’ Saint Mick as he takes a ride on our Star Spangled Carousel: Wrestling great Mick Foley was in town last fall, working on his “Saint Mick” Santa memoir, which he announced on this episode of the…

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Podcast: Christmas in July

It’s sort of hard to believe it took us till our 37th episode to invite Santa to join us. But he’s a busy guy, after all … Santa’s a snazzy dresser – he reveals who creates his wardrobe: “Santa – we know him!” Look who’s joining the #PodSquad this morning! — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld)…

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On the Cuteness Scale …

… you can’t get much better than this: But this has to be a close second, right? Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 4th of July! More fireworks are coming up in just a few days with Friday Night Fireworks, which run through the end of July.

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Podcast: The One with the Hanging Chad

Chad & Matt

When you’ve got a friend named Chad, you’ve got to hang with him, right? WBKR’s Chad Benefield has been our pal for years. In fact, he was the emcee on the night we announced Thunderbird back in 2014, remember? We asked Chad to join us for a podcast, and today was the day: Right before…

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A clear career path

This little guy, from Bowling Green, Kentucky, lit up our Facebook page yesterday morning. His mom, Emily, posted this excruciatingly cute photo, along with: Today is career day for my youngest in preschool. I think he chose a great career! I screen-captured the post and emailed it to our full-time staff. Little Brandon is the perfect…

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Firecracker: Before & After

It’s so exciting this time of year to see our rides come back to life. And it’s extra special to see Firecracker, since it had been sleeping for nearly a decade. Here’s a photo from last fall, when our crew traveled to northern Indiana to disassemble the ride, which had been SBNO* since 2008. The story…

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The main frame

When you hear the phrase “main frame,” you think of a computer, right? Well, not today. This morning, Firecracker‘s main frame was lowered into place. Firecracker is a classic Calypso ride. It has graced two other parks since its birth in 1972. We’re restoring it for this season. Third time’s the charm, right? We showed…

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Podcast: Prodigal oboe

Happy New Year! Our first podcast-episode name in 2017 is a nod to Leah, our oboe-playing member who still has a few days home before returning to Indiana University to continue her MBA studies. We hope you enjoy this episode: Did you want to see that video of Lauren opening her coffee-table book from The…

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