Drinking up the praise

FREE Unlimited Soft Drinks

This was such a nice surprise! Business strategist and New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer is a fan. He chose our Free Unlimited Soft Drinks program as the topic of the first episode of his Talk Triggers Show: Free Unlimited Soft Drinks at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari began back in the year 2000. (Who remembers Y2K?)…

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Podcast: Ready, Set, Go!

With two weeks to go till Opening Day, the #PodSquad has a lot to do and a lot to talk about: Here’s the video Redbook magazine put together about Cesilie, from our 2015 high-dive team: We’re tickled by the joy these “replacement windows” have caused. First at Goblin Burgers: … and also at Hot Diggity…

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The name game

The “name game” sounds like loads of fun, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, it can be an agonizing process! You start out with the theme of the park section, add details about the ride or slide (or, in this case, restaurant), and then start churning out ideas. You generate long lists and then start…

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A stroll with the zombies

Graveyard Smash zombies

Happy Halloween Weekends may be over for another year, but we still have some stories to tell and photos to share. Our Graveyard Smash zombies took a walk on Sunday to enjoy a bit of fresh air. They even posed in some of our Halloween photo cut-outs. Wait a minute! Lauren doesn’t seem to like…

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A thirst for knowledge

Tweeted by an Indianapolis college student: I wish there was free soda fountains all around campus like at holiday world hehe — Bailey Campbell (@bailssss_) September 30, 2013

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Ah, mothers and daughters

… they have the most fascinating conversations: My mom says nothin in life is free…I say nothin except sunscreen and soda from Holiday World. — Madeline Rich (@mrich30) June 27, 2013

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Hydration station

I'll never forget back in the fall of 1999, when our staff of directors got to vote on whether to take a step no other park had dared to try. Free soft drinks. I remember like it was yesterday, because it was a dramatic moment. (For me, anyway.) Right before we voted, Will made sure…

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There was no catch to the freebies

Our family just returned from our first visit to Holiday World (July 14). I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had and how much I appreciate the great value you are providing at your park. I tried purchasing tickets online but the system was not working correctly. My thoughts were,…

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“Everyone TOTALLY enjoyed the park!”

Yesterday we were at Holiday World for our BMS band competition. Everyone in our group (around 70 band 65 choir) TOTALLY enjoyed the park. I was so amazed at how clean the park was (even bathrooms), how friendly ALL employees were, and your prices were soooo reasonable. A family can actually come to your park,…

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A sweet new contender in the poll

Did you notice the new drink on the block …er, Oasis, this summer? Apparently a lot of folks did, as Orange Gatorade was the #4 most-consumed Free Unlimited Soft Drink here at the park in '06. In case you've ever wondered, the top three have always been: 1. Pepsi 2. Mt. Dew 3. Dr Pepper…

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Two months to go

Voyage station construction

Ha! I got to be the first one to say it! Construction is well underway as we move toward opening day in just two months. Of course, I cheated by saying it a day early, but I guess that’s my prerogative. First, we see the Pepsi Oasis building in our new Thanksgiving section. And this…

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Park of Doom

Liberty Launch | Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Just about the most important part of my job is giving tours of the parks to reporters and travel writers. The PR department focuses on getting writers to visit; presumably, they will have a great time and will eventually write an article or two about their experience. So when they’re here, we like to tour…

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