Podcast: The one with the Griswolds

Taylor Bybee

Once we move to our “Now Open Weekends” schedule,  references to “the Moose Out Front” abound. … because just about everyone has seen National Lampoon’s Vacation at least once. And, believe it or not, this vehicle was actually parked in our lot a few years ago (during the 30th-anniversary summer of the film’s release). And…

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Sweepstakes: Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere!

Halloween Pumpkins

Congratulations to our two winners: Heather M. from New Albany, Indiana, and Kirsten H. from Bloomington, Indiana. Thanks to all who entered! —– Every year at this time, Holiday World transforms into one big Halloween section …   Locally grown pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, mums and more quickly put us all into the mood for Halloween….

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Putting the ‘fun’ in funnel cake

What puts the “fun” in funnel cake? That question gets more complicated during Happy Halloween Weekends, as our Foods team goes a little crazy. Take this, for instance … … our new Reese’s Pieces Funnel Cake. It’s really good. But that’s not the only new funnel cake we’re trying out. Which is best? We asked…

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Podcast: See You In September

Today’s podcast recording felt like the last day of school (for those who remember being overjoyed when that day arrived; I’m not one of them – I used to cry). We were just … giddy. Reining in the PodSquad was nearly impossible. But we had a wicked good time and hope you do as well….

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“Sure wish we had smell-a-vision!”

Have you ever wished you could sneak into one of our kitchens to see exactly how we create the treats that make your visit extra special? Tabnie from Eyewitness News did just that recently. She and Brian got up close and personal with the staff of the Funnel Cake Factory in our 4th of July…

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Fun with funnel cakes

Red Velvet Funnel Cake

What else to do on a winter’s day when the high temperature is a single digit? Create a new funnel cake flavor, of course! No, we’re not inventing Lobster Funnel Cakes. Um. Eww. This new menu item is none other than a Red Velvet Funnel Cake. Oh, yes! We tweeted out a photo yesterday around…

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An Elf off her shelf

Gotta love Barbie. She is the most cheerful, sassiest elf ever. As she was packing up her car with packages to make her afternoon mail run on this chilly day, she didn't complain. "Hey – it gets me out of my office, right?" An elf off her shelf, as it were. Barbie may need to…

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