Coaster class

The Striker coaster design (school project)

Were you lucky enough to have an incredible science teacher back in the day? You know, the kind who made science understandable, interesting and even fun. Even though it was decades ago, I remember mine like it was yesterday. Good ol’ Robbie Robertson, my Physics Teacher at Carmel High back in the mid-1970s, was an amazing…

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These ‘lab rats’ rode for Will

We have always been a huge MythBusters family. Growing up, we knew all of the hosts by name, and at times talked about them like they were old friends. Once William, my younger brother, got a season on DVD, we watched it 24/7. Dad was definitely okay with this. He loved watching MythBusters, too. Dad…

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Anatomy of a thrill

Tory & Kari - Thrill Factor

It starts when you get the okay from the network to talk about the unnamed new show: We can finally tell you! @TravelChannel‘s new show w/ @KariByron & @ToryBelleci is named “Thrill Factor.” Watch 8/12! — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) July 30, 2015 Next, add a re-tweet from the show host whose hair sports a…

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Geek now, or forever hold your peace

VP James and Kari Byron

Okay, so we can officially let the cat out of the bag now. Travel Channel was here today. But that wasn’t the secret. What we couldn’t talk about ahead of time was what this new show is about. Well, we still have to keep quiet about that. Sorry. But we can tell you who the…

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A family tradition

Lori and Leah Koch on Thunderbird

Paula’s note: It was pure delight watching the Kochs ride Thunderbird for the very first time. Our owners – Lori, Lauren, Leah and William – were beside themselves as they scrambled to switch seats and ride again. Later that evening, I texted them to ask for a volunteer to continue Will’s tradition of blogging after…

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Ah, such potential

Did you ever have a teacher tell your parents you had “potential”? It probably meant they wanted you to work harder. Well, potential energy is measures the energy of a body, with respect to its position (such as “way up high). And there’s not much more potential around here than The Voyage as it crests…

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Your daily floss

Long ago, my oldest son explained to me the difference between a “geek” and a “nerd.” Tom now works at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (which you may recognize from The Big Bang Theory), so whatever he told me then was no doubt correct. Thing is, I don’t exactly remember what he said … But whether you’re…

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Purrrfect coasters need Coaster Cats

When it comes to our Coaster Cats, we’re feline thankful (that’s a joke, son). In just about all kinds of weather, they’re out in the elements, taking care of our coasters. One of this year’s off-season projects is retracking Voyage’s brake run. Out with the old and in with the new! “Dude, your eight layers…

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Oops, wrong nest

For years we’ve joked that Splashin’ Safari is a showroom for ProSlide Technology. After all, the majority of the “cool stuff” in our water park is from them. Let’s see … Zinga, Bakuli, Hyena Falls, Otorongo, Mammoth … the list goes on and on. So when another park wants to shop around for a new…

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Keeping track of the coaster crazies

When we started building The Raven back in 1994, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into … … and how many friendships would be forged. The roller coaster enthusiasts are like one big, happy, enthusiastic family. And last weekend was their family reunion. Just as with any family reunion, they take lots…

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Tag, you’re it!

Over the past several months, we've gone back to add tags to our eight years of HoliBlog posts. (That's more than a thousand posts!) The resulting "tag cloud" is pretty handy (it's floating over to the right of this post), as you can click on your favorite topics and read all the related blog posts,…

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An “IT Men” sequel

Casey, one of the IT Men

Our first IT Men webisode (1.0 of course) was so well received, Nathan put together a sequel. Webisode 2.71828, that is. (Get it?) Sure you do. What else would you like to see the IT Men do around the park? Post a comment below and we just might produce Webisode 3.14.

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