Podcast: The one with the Griswolds

Taylor Bybee

Once we move to our “Now Open Weekends” schedule,  references to “the Moose Out Front” abound. … because just about everyone has seen National Lampoon’s Vacation at least once. And, believe it or not, this vehicle was actually parked in our lot a few years ago (during the 30th-anniversary summer of the film’s release). And…

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Podcast: Lost & Found Lady

Lauren with Pokemon

What a week! Guest Services Manager Angie is not only featured in an About.com article this month, she was also our Guest on today’s podcast episode. … because Angie has some great stories. Not only about Lost & Found but also the Holidog Inn. Here are a few photos to help illustrate this episode. Starting with…

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Whip it good

Dole Whip

We knew some folks would be quite pleased to learn we’ve added Dole Whip to the menu this season. But when we first mentioned it on Friday, we were stunned by all the excitement it … um … whipped up. But since not everyone is familiar with the tasty treat – which is, by the way,…

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