So what about that other ride?

Gobbler Getaway

We haven’t forgotten about Gobbler Getaway, don’t worry. Our dark ride is being created in sunny Florida. Now remember, since this is a dark ride, there’s lots of black light used, so the colors look a bit extreme in natural light. This is part of one of the scenes we’ll trot through as we search…

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Talking turkey trotters

Yesterday, we got a look at the train for The Voyage. And what about that other ride? No trains for Gobbler Getaway, but rather Turkey Trotters: There will be a dozen Turkey Trotter cars, seating up to four persons each. These Turkey Trotters will take us through the town of Autumn Falls as we try…

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Skeletal remains

Walking through the park in the off-season is sort of creepy. Skeletal remains of rides are everywhere. Since we’re closed for the season, there are no happy families, no wondrous smells from the restaurants, no holiday-themed music. Just a big ol’ empty park. The fountain and all the pools are empty. The flags have been…

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Some dark details

Gobbler Getaway plans

Everyone knows what a roller coaster is. But not everyone is all that sure about the term “dark ride.” Here’s a primer: It’s in the dark You ride in a multi-passenger car It’s indoors You will ride in air-conditioned comfort If you’re not already sold, how about this: as you move from room to room,…

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