Podcast: Halloween treats

1984 Brochure outside

It’s always a treat when Leah joins us on podcast day: We had fun recalling Lauren and Leah’s dad’s appearance on The Colbert Report 11 years ago. Wow. I’d completely forgotten about how I was the only one not to receive an autographed photo … sigh. Our webcam is back online, in case you need…

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Podcast: Cliff diving champ

Vegetarian options

Technically, we named this episode The one with the Jurclassic Park two weeks ago. And we do talk about HoliWood Nights in this episode. But … at sort of the last minute, we invited Cesilie Carlton from our high-dive team to stop by to talk about the upcoming Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.  …

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Podcast: The One with the Hanging Chad

Chad & Matt

When you’ve got a friend named Chad, you’ve got to hang with him, right? WBKR’s Chad Benefield has been our pal for years. In fact, he was the emcee on the night we announced Thunderbird back in 2014, remember? We asked Chad to join us for a podcast, and today was the day: Right before…

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The drive to dive

Well, she did it – one of our incredible divers went to the World High Dive Championship in Russia this week, and she’s bringing home the silver medal. Congratulations to our diver Cesilie, who just took the silver in the FINA High Diving World Championship in Russia! pic.twitter.com/WIMRNYyk4N — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) August 4, 2015…

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Cliff notes

You just never know what our divers are up to on their days off … Congratulations to Cesilie from our Dive team – she took First Place at a Red Bull Cliff Diving Women’s World Series event in Portugal over the weekend! (She’s in the center of this photo from the event’s Facebook page.) Here’s…

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Look out below!

The number-one question asked of our high-dive team? "Um, what does it look like from way up there?" Let's take a look:

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Still diving after all these years

There's something just too delicious about a cool dollop of whipped cream on a steaming cup of cocoa. Or a drizzle of hot fudge on vanilla ice cream. Sweet and sour. Salty and sweet. Yin and yang. Silly and serious. Our Dive! show is back again this year. They've got new digs, including a big…

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That first step is a doozy

Wow. It's like going from a backyard kiddie pool to an Olympic-size pool. Can't wait to see what our High Dive team has in store for us this season!  

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Holiday T’anks

Construction on our new high-dive tank is moving right along. It's like graduating from a wading pool to an Olympic swimming pool: In 2013, our high-dive team will have a whole new show custom made for their new pool. This new tank is 14 feet deep and measures 40 feet by 40 feet. Remember the…

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What the … ?

How could this be? A giantess perched on top of the lift hill at The Legend! And her mouth is wide open — is she going to devour the next train of riders? Oh.

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I said I wouldn’t do it …

Painting water tower

… but here’s one last story about our new water tower. My husband is a dairy farmer … and he needed some equipment welded yesterday. The fellow he normally calls wasn’t available, as he was doing some work at Holiday World (oops! sorry, dear). But the welder was available today and got the milking parlor…

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