Translation covered

Thank you to the four HoliBlog readers who were kind enough to translate the cover blurbs we posted the other day. This translation comes from a nice woman who grew up in Portugal: Garantia de emocoes fortes = Guaranteed Rush Montanhas Russas = Roller Coasters (Literally translated, it means Russian Mountains; that's their term for…

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Park of Doom

Liberty Launch | Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Just about the most important part of my job is giving tours of the parks to reporters and travel writers. The PR department focuses on getting writers to visit; presumably, they will have a great time and will eventually write an article or two about their experience. So when they’re here, we like to tour…

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Mother’s Day hits twice

I tease Thomas that he’s my egghead son. John, 13, is my musical son. And James, 5, is my farm-boy son. Here they are on Christmas morn a few years back. They’re all bright fellows, but Tom is what I sometimes refer to as “scary smart.” I have, by the way, a newspaper clipping of…

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A bit of housekeeping

We’ve received a number of emails with general questions, so let’s answer them here and now: Q: Will the HoliBlog continue after opening day? A: Certainly! If I can make it through this week and still write an entry or two each day (with the help of my friends), there shouldn’t be any problem continuing….

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Would you like to take a walk?

Mrs. Koch in front of tiki head

A lot of children (and some adults) think working at a theme park is the coolest job imaginable. Yes, making families happy for a living is an amazing career. Permit me, however, to clear up a few possible misconceptions: No, we don’t get to go on rides all day No, we don’t take long lunches…

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