Podcast: The One with Spoopy

Holly the Elf

That’s right, Spoopy! Leah feels so strongly about this word that she wants a new holiday declared – nay, an entire month:     Amanda (aka Genesis: The Creature in…

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Snow Day Serenade

Berry the HoliDazzle, waving

The initial grand excitement of a call from school announcing “Snow Day: No School Tomorrow Due to Snow and Ice” has ground to a low groan in most area households…

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Warm wishes from a little girl

Anita and I have become email buddies over the years. She'll email to ask about 4th of July fireworks, or for advice about which days will be the best for…

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Who’s your favorite HoliDazzle?

Okay, if you aren't in the toddler/preschool set you may not know what we're talking about. But all the cool kids know about the HoliDazzles and most likely have a…

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