Pleasing pets the World over

Holidog Inn Photo

When we say we are “#1 for Family Fun,” we mean the entire family, even the furry members. Just inside our admission gates is the Holidog Inn, a kennel where even Holidog feels comfortable telling his friends to “Relax, it’s the Holidog Inn.” Here’s Holidog with his buddy Pax, along with some tips about our…

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Lunatic on the loose

The subject line of this post is a nod to my dear husband. Gary loves malapropisms (and I loved reading The Rivals in high school, so I still use the word malapropism whenever possible). We live out in the country (which works well, seeing as though he's a farmer). Whenever a large moth flies by,…

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So who takes care of the bill?

Ah, a guest post from Eric, our Admissions Director and the proud Innkeeper of our own Holidog Inn: Where’s the Holi-Duck Inn? The Admissions staff is used to catering to our Guests’ furry friends. Pets of all kinds enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of the Holidog Inn while their owners play at Holiday World & Splashin’…

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