Podcast: The One with Spoopy

Holly the Elf

That’s right, Spoopy! Leah feels so strongly about this word that she wants a new holiday declared – nay, an entire month:     Amanda (aka Genesis: The Creature in our Come Alive! show) joins us this episode. Amanda swaps show stories from over the years with Lauren and Leah. … including how she played…

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Podcast: Smooth Talker

Raven shirt design

As we enter the last month of the off-season, track work on The Voyage is coming to an end (the photo, below, is from back in January). So who is the guy who plans out the nips and tucks? Meet Brian Kosmac, PE, who joins us on this podcast episode: In our Amusings, we mention Foster…

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Podcast: Coaster tracker

VP James-podcast

Our resident newlywed joined us for today’s podcast episode! VP James clued us in on what’s going on with our wooden roller coasters during the off-season:     James gave us the lowdown on a few other projects we haven’t yet mentioned. One of the holiday napkins I’ve been saving, along with the obligatory Voyage Extreme…

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Podcast: December dreams

It’s been a full month since the #PodSquad assembled, so we kicked off December with memories of Thanksgiving, a mannequin video, and plans for 2017: Here’s the AtlasObscura article about our “thematically relevant roller coaster.” So sad about the loss of Mrs. Brady. From left, Leah Koch, Florence Henderson, Lauren (Koch) Crosby, and Lori Koch. And…

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Oh, heavens – what a cookbook!

Did you get a chance to browse through Hevron’s Mercantile this season? If you’re a regular HoliBlog reader you’ll recognize our new shop’s name as belonging to our longtime employee (and dear friend) Joe Hevron, who passed away in 2011 after working at the park since we opened in 1946. That’s right. Joe began his career…

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We’ll have a Blue(print) Christmas

Thunderbird Blueprint Product Gallery - Twists and Turns | HoliShop

Since adding our Limited Edition Thunderbird Blueprint to the HoliShop yesterday afternoon, we’ve had orders from New York to California, Minnesota to Florida! In all, Thunderbird Blueprints are heading to good homes in 12 states plus the District of Columbia. So far. Limited Edition. https://t.co/e0ZQSI13fG #PleaseSantaPlease pic.twitter.com/qSn8FXnlCm — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) December 16, 2014 This…

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HoliShop ’til you drop!

Our new website is now complete – we’ve launched the new HoliShop this week. With some old favorites plus some fun new items: Yea. This. https://t.co/NOqMS1ULJr #GoingFast pic.twitter.com/MI0pPg1G5X — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) November 12, 2014 And yes, the $5 Grab Bag shirts are back for a limited time. Happy HoliShopping!

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An Elf off her shelf

Gotta love Barbie. She is the most cheerful, sassiest elf ever. As she was packing up her car with packages to make her afternoon mail run on this chilly day, she didn't complain. "Hey – it gets me out of my office, right?" An elf off her shelf, as it were. Barbie may need to…

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Purrfect timing

Did you happen to check the calendar this morning? It's Friday the 13th! We don't mind, though, if Kitty Claws crosses our path. Do you have a little Kitty Claws fan in your house? We have plush versions of our Halloween mascot available here in our online HoliShop.

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A pause for the Claws

Planning to join us for Happy Halloween Weekends? Be sure to grab a show schedule so your little ones can catch Kitty's Dance Party toward the end of the day. The more the merrier! You and the kiddos will quickly discover that Kitty isn't just into ballet, as her choice of skirt and slippers might…

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A shirt even a dummy could love

Look what's new at the HoliShop! That's right. This test dummy's family went all the way to Holiday World and all they brought back was this shirt. Actually, though, this is a limited-edition shirt, available only through our online shop, the HoliShop. Our friends with the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain told us we…

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So who’s in the “mail room”?

There are so many stories about famous, successful folks who have “worked their way up” in the world. It seems they all got their start in the mail room. That’s not exactly what’s happened with Amanda, but she has impressed us for years as a seasonal employee who’s brought with her a happy smile and…

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