Podcast Season 2 Episode 5: The One with Five Feedbacks

As you may know, we are Holiday World and we love holidays! In observance of Procrastination Week, we released Season 2 Episode 5 a few days late. Join the #PodSquad for another round of feedback, holidays, and… the Lollipop Guild? Matt E., Lauren C., and Leah K. were joined by Sabrina J. and Matt B….

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A Correspondence for the [k]Nights who say ‘Wheeee’

The HoliWood kNights who say Whee!

Dearest [k]Nights, There were days when we thought this event might be impossible, but we’re so excited that the most fun weekend of the year will soon be upon us! Since many of you are coming from around the country, we want to make sure everyone understands the guidelines that we have set forth in…

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Coasting for Kids 2020

Since 2014, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari has donated the proceeds of our HoliWood Nights auction to Give Kids the World.  This year we are VERY excited to help raise more funds for the incredible organization by hosting a Coasting for Kids event on Saturday, August 29!  What is Coasting for Kids? The concept is…

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A Thousand Words

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, you’re about to become very well-read as we look through our most popular Instagram photos from 2019. Ready to see the highlights? Let’s get started! Number 5: Airtime! We kick things off at HoliWood Nights, our coaster enthusiast event that we host each year on the…

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One photo, three monitors

The other morning, when the frost was on the pumpkin-colored coaster, Stephen and Josh bundled up first thing and took some gorgeous photos. Including this panoramic view: I remember standing in the doorway that connects our three offices and asking: How can we possibly use this photo? It is so lovely. Breathtaking, even. But so ……

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Podcast: The one with the Retiree

Mike and Joe

Mike Johannes has certainly never been thought of as a retiring sort of person. But after 26 years with us, it seems our Director of Sales is heading off to make some new adventures. We invited Mike to join us for this podcast episode, and he brought with him tales of golfing with Santa, chasing escaped…

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Podcast: … with the other Podcasters

Theme Park Families Podcast at Holiday World

After shaking our heads in disbelief that September starts tomorrow, we put in a call to these fellows: Well, not everyone … just Andrew (front left) and his dad, Adam. They’re the hosts of the Theme Park Families Podcast! Season Passes for 2019 are on sale – with deepest discounts available through September 14. Here’s…

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Au revoir, gopher!

CoasterShack: HoliWood Nights 2018

If you visited us last weekend, you probably noticed: We had a gopher problem! All in good fun, of course, as roller-coaster enthusiasts from across the land gathered for our annual HoliWood Nights event. The gophers were part of the theming, as this year’s movie choice was the classic Caddyshack. Our twist? Coastershack! Complete with themed food,…

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Podcast: Homecoming

Leah's graduation cap

After a month-long hiatus, the #podsquad is back. With a dazzling guest star My star power is finally being acknowledged. Just relaxing in the green room and getting a last-minute touch-up from my stylist before I make my long-awaited debut live in the #HoWoPo studio! All right, Mr. Eckert, I’m ready for my close up……

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Podcast: Safety School

For the first podcast episode of the new year, we have a chat about iROC Safety School with International Ride Training co-owner Cindee Huddy:   Here is our iROC Audit Excellence Award, which we happily share with all of our Ride Operators from 2017 – well done! The week’s Voyage track work entailed building a…

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Postcast: The one with the Coastershack

So the cat’s out of the bag. Or perhaps I should say … gopher. During today’s podcast, we reveal the 2018 theme for our HoliWood Nights event for coaster enthusiasts. No, it’s not Yellow Submarine, but this photo from our HoliWood Nights Facebook Group is too cool not to post: Our theme is … Coastershack! Be sure to enter…

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Podcast: Cliff diving champ

Vegetarian options

Technically, we named this episode The one with the Jurclassic Park two weeks ago. And we do talk about HoliWood Nights in this episode. But … at sort of the last minute, we invited Cesilie Carlton from our high-dive team to stop by to talk about the upcoming Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.  …

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