Testy times

Pat Koch

It’s back-to-school time. And the kiddos aren’t the only ones taking tests. Will, Mrs. Koch, and our staff of Directors are taking tests this week, too. The online “assessments” are meant to tell us about our strengths and weaknesses (or, rather, opportunities for growth). I plowed through all the questionnaires (the first one has 435…

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Maybe we need a warning sign?

Udderly Blue ice cream

Have you discovered the Udderly Blue gift that keeps on giving? Lynn is a grandma who visited the park recently and plans to come back again soon. She and I have exchanged emails several times over the past week. Apparently, we’re now close enough buddies that she felt comfortable sharing this proud family story: I…

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A dollar for your thoughts

A dollar for your thoughts: Want to make Dee Ann blush? Pay for your party’s admission in cash. And use all $1 bills This is Dee Ann’s second year as Director of Admissions, and she is never short of a good story. A few weeks ago, during our weekly directors’ meeting, she mentioned the stack…

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A catty email

When it comes to email, we receive all kinds. Most of them are remarkably nice. And thanks to Joe and our spam filter, the majority are clean. But once in a while, there’s a message that gives us pause. “dffff” Pardon me, what’s that? Dffff? What does that mean? Is it code? Or some of…

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Lawdy, Miss Scarlett!

… we’ve been asked to add a “birthing room” to our park. Could you imagine? (All I can think about is that scene from Gone With the Wind.) Free unlimited boiling water? Holidog to pant along as your breathing coach? A miniature height-measurement stick to get the official length of your tiny bundle? Would it…

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The apple doesn’t fall far … and is well fertilized

You never forget your child’s first job. Or his first day of work. (Right, John?) Especially when he works where you work. When my John filled out his Holiday World job application, there was a place to list past employment. The instructions even encouraged writing down such career accelerators as mowing lawns and babysitting. So…

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Overheard in Holidog’s FunTown

At closing time, Chris (our security director) overheard this and got a chuckle out of it: While closing Holidog’s FunTown, I overheard a mom and her young (6 or 7ish) daughter: The mom kept saying, “I know you need you to go to the bathroom – you need to go before we leave.” The daughter…

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Guess I’ll go eat worms

That’s right – worms! A lady called for more information about her upcoming visit. When our Call Center operator asked if she needed to make group reservations, since she was bringing a busload, she said she’d won a contest and already had her tickets. “I ate worms.” Excuse me, ma’am? “To win the contest, I…

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That’s so Edgar

The Raven

That’s so predictable. Another day, another travel writer. Another park tour. And another chuckle. The cute little neighbor girl she’d brought along (for a child’s view of the park) unintentionally made me feel like a total geezer. When I pointed out The Raven wooden roller coaster, she turned her head quickly to take a look,…

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A brief panic

Driving home last night, there it was … By the side of the road. On the shoulder. On its side. A sneaker. Tennis shoe. Casual footwear. Left behind by someone. How do you lose a shoe on the highway? Do you fling it out the window because the Odor Eater finally gave out? Does it…

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Park of Doom

Liberty Launch | Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Just about the most important part of my job is giving tours of the parks to reporters and travel writers. The PR department focuses on getting writers to visit; presumably, they will have a great time and will eventually write an article or two about their experience. So when they’re here, we like to tour…

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The Applause Fountain is nearly complete! The lights arrived. The fountain filled. And by golly, it works! I got a particular charge out of what I assumed was a brother/sister act. At first, it looked like they were waving at the water. Actually, the brother taught the sister to, Jedi-like, raise her arm to make…

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