Water, water everywhere

water button

… and not a drop to drink. Not! About once a week during the season, we receive a comment that our Free Unlimited Soft Drinks selection should include water. Well. Actually. It does If you dash in and dash out of one of the Pepsi Oasis buildings scattered throughout the parks … … you may…

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Oh, the emails we receive …

Bahari theming

We chuckle at the emails asking “how do we get there?” and not mentioning their location. And the ones asking us to mail them a brochure, but they don’t include their address. Then there are the phone calls asking, “Are you on the same time with me?” Only they don’t tell us their Time Zone….

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Can we tie in with today’s big nat’l news?

Star Wars poster

You betcha! This banner is hanging outside the building of the town’s sole C-store. It made me think of a story from a few years back … It was the summer of 2002, less than a year after Mr. Koch passed away. A lovely bipartisan effort by our state legislature resulted in the renaming of…

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The big countdown

Oh, my gosh — it just hit me! How does time pass so quickly from year to year? There’s never enough time to get ready. And now, all of a sudden, we’re down to single digits! Just eight months till Christmas! (Faked you out, didn’t I?) It’s so much fun to be out at the…

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Tax Day extension

Steven in marketing is already planning to expand our proposed Tax Day themed section. He is in brilliant form today: Dependant Land – a special area just for children Deduction Junction – a train ride, to keep us on track Special Robot Mascots – named W-2, W-4, and I-9 Thanks, Steven. We appreciate your interest.

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The Christmas Crater

Christmas Crater

Three weeks till opening. Rain this week didn’t help the process of getting ready. Look at how much we got: Who needs a rain gauge when you’ve got a Christmas Crater? But wait! What’s that on the left? There – by the edge of the giant puddle. A white flag? A treasure map? A sail?…

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A taxing topic

About 18 months ago, I got a new computer here at work. One of the fussy little set-up chores is to go through and choose all the “Options” in Outlook. I send my emails HTML. I sort my Contacts by Address Cards (but not Detailed Address Cards). And I prefer my Icons small and in…

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The Queen of Clean strikes again

Mrs. Koch and her broom

Rachel came back from the main office this afternoon with the following story about our resident Queen of Clean: As I was looking for more letterhead over at the main office today, I heard a big sigh come through the door first … then Will. I chuckled and Will said, “I asked Marlene if she…

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