Water, water everywhere

water button

… and not a drop to drink. Not! About once a week during the season, we receive a comment that our Free Unlimited Soft Drinks selection should include water. Well….

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Oh, the emails we receive …

Bahari theming

We chuckle at the emails asking “how do we get there?” and not mentioning their location. And the ones asking us to mail them a brochure, but they don’t include…

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The big countdown

Oh, my gosh — it just hit me! How does time pass so quickly from year to year? There’s never enough time to get ready. And now, all of a…

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Tax Day extension

Steven in marketing is already planning to expand our proposed Tax Day themed section. He is in brilliant form today: Dependant Land – a special area just for children Deduction…

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The Christmas Crater

Christmas Crater

Three weeks till opening. Rain this week didn’t help the process of getting ready. Look at how much we got: Who needs a rain gauge when you’ve got a Christmas…

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A taxing topic

About 18 months ago, I got a new computer here at work. One of the fussy little set-up chores is to go through and choose all the “Options” in Outlook….

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The Queen of Clean strikes again

Mrs. Koch and her broom

Rachel came back from the main office this afternoon with the following story about our resident Queen of Clean: As I was looking for more letterhead over at the main…

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