The bucket list

1998 brochure clip

Have you seen The Bucket List? It was a really popular movie back in 2007 and popularized the term “bucket list.” It’s a funny but ultimately sad story about making the most out of life. Of course, this comes with the understanding that end-of-life is inevitable. And that leads me to this story about our original…

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Podcast: The one with the Retiree

Mike and Joe

Mike Johannes has certainly never been thought of as a retiring sort of person. But after 26 years with us, it seems our Director of Sales is heading off to make some new adventures. We invited Mike to join us for this podcast episode, and he brought with him tales of golfing with Santa, chasing escaped…

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Oh, heavens – what a cookbook!

Did you get a chance to browse through Hevron’s Mercantile this season? If you’re a regular HoliBlog reader you’ll recognize our new shop’s name as belonging to our longtime employee (and dear friend) Joe Hevron, who passed away in 2011 after working at the park since we opened in 1946. That’s right. Joe began his career…

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“Oh, heavens!”

Joe Hevron, Army photo

If, in the past 65 years, you worked at Santa Claus Land or Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, you will no doubt recognize that phrase. And who said it. Oh, Joe… Joe Hevron. He’s the only person who worked here every year of our history. All except when he served his country in the Army,…

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It’s a Wonderful Budget

No one looks forward to capital budget time. Some departments get what they want; others need to try again next year. Just like Christmas, it’s rare to get everything you wanted. We announced our 2006 capital budget early this year: $13.5 million. …but that doesn’t mean everything was set in stone. When push comes to…

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Christmas comes early for Mrs. Koch

decorated tree

When you look up “determined” in the dictionary, chances are Mrs. Koch’s photo will be there. Every season, there are two or three things that just bug her. Drive her crazy. Up a tree, even But she doesn’t gripe and complain. She figures out a way to change it. It’s usually something people whisper in…

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