Snowy Safari

We keep hearing from folks who think the water park would be loads of fun in the snow. A Facebook Fan even recommended we host the next Winter Olympics. This particular ride would certainly start off fun, but the new decelerators on Jungle Racer might have a chilling effect.

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Planning a longer visit for next year

This dad hadn't visited since we were Santa Claus Land! My wife and oldest son and I just returned from a Friday-Saturday vacation at Holiday World and we all wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had! We were impressed with the family-friendly atmosphere, how clean and well-maintained everything was, and the prices…

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Deliveries arriving daily

mystery materials

Since the days till opening can now be counted on one hand (gulp!) the folks in the warehouse department are handling tons of … stuff. What are these deliveries all about? Lots and lots of plush has been unloaded and will soon be put on display at games throughout Holiday World. Uniforms have arrived and…

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