Walking in a Halloween Wonderland

Amanda and Alison

Each year for Happy Halloween Weekends, our seasonal Team Members transform the park to give it a festive Halloween Feeling. So our Communications team set out while the park was still being decorated. Since we’re still in Santa Claus, Indiana, it just makes sense to call it a walk in a “Halloween Wonderland.” I’m sorry….

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It’s Love Your Pet Day

Joe and Moose

We have some very recognizable and lovable faces here at Holiday World. No, I’m not just talking about our staff – I’m talking about our mascots! Safari Sam, Holidog, Kitty Claws, and George the Eagle pose for a lot of pictures every day. But our mascots aren’t the only important animals in the lives of…

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Podcast: The Big Green Foot

Christmas parade

It’s a Very Merry Podcast! We’re gleefully giddy, as today is the last day before our holiday break starts. (Now before you get all “no fair! you get two weeks off?!” let me remind you we don’t get Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, etc. off. Oh, and technically it’s two weeks…

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Halloween “boos” and don’ts

Eek! Happy Halloween Weekends are halfway over! Boo-ginning today, you have just three more weekends to visit before we turn the lights out on another season. You haven’t checked us out yet this fall? Here’s a list of Boos & Don’ts for your visit … Make the most of Happy Halloween Weekends Boo: Enjoy the extra sleep! During…

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Time-lapse: A bale out for Lauren

Hay Kitty - Lauren finishing up (web)

As our Director of Entertainment & Events, Lauren wears many colorful hats. This week, her hat protected her hair as she took on the role of hay-bale painter: In just a few minutes, it became evident that this was to be a Hay Kitty bale: Stephen and one of his trusty GoPros shot a time-lapse of…

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Carve a Kitty Claws pumpkin!

Do you carve out some time each fall to create an artistic jack-o-lantern? Several years ago, we saw this photo online: … and we just knew we had to work on a series of templates to share. (Thanks to Bryan, a roller coaster enthusiast from Ohio, for getting us started.) Last fall, we experimented with…

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Perks for processing early

Did you know you can purchase your 2015 Season Passes for $20 a month using our Easy Pay Plan? This offer runs through November 15, 2014. And as a special incentive, we have two perks for you if you get your 2015 Season Passes processed here at the park during this year’s Happy Halloween Weekends….

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Are you superstitious?

We’re not! Unless you want to count that we think we’re lucky to have Kitty Claws with us. No one minds when *this* black cat crosses their path! #KittyClaws #FridayThe13th #Meow pic.twitter.com/uQc5L5gnwH — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) June 13, 2014

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A purrrfect day

It’s Kitty’s favorite day of the year (next to Halloween, of course). Every day is #HugYourCatDay at Holiday World! #KittyClaws pic.twitter.com/xgg6NwPjZt — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) June 4, 2014

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An Elf off her shelf

Gotta love Barbie. She is the most cheerful, sassiest elf ever. As she was packing up her car with packages to make her afternoon mail run on this chilly day, she didn't complain. "Hey – it gets me out of my office, right?" An elf off her shelf, as it were. Barbie may need to…

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