Tweet about breakfast at suppertime?

… and you can almost hear the happy: It's what's for breakfast. #KringlesKafe #HoneyButterChickenBiscuits #Yum — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) March 25, 2014

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An elf named … Chucky?

Chucky the elf

Just sayin’ … This summer, when you drop by Kringle’s Kafé for a pizza, glance up to see this fine fellow in the overhead decor. I promise, he’s darn cute from afar. But when the uninformed happens upon him during the off-season, perched on a table near our free Pepsi fountain, it’s more than a…

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Cooking with Mrs. Koch

During the summer months, Mrs. Koch … well, she really doesn’t cook. She helps out a lot in our restaurants, though. The other day, right before her 80th birthday, she was helping in the kitchen at Kringle’s Kafe. Until, that is, she saw a Guest waving frantically to catch her attention. As Mrs. Koch approached…

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Who painted those murals?

Santa murals

Those beautiful Christmas murals in Kringle’s Kafe? This news report from 1991 reveals all. (Plus, it highlights some interesting hairstyles.) Take a careful look at the calendar on Santa’s wall in each mural. There’s one for each day leading up until Christmas Day. ___ Would you like to receive HoliBlog notices – along with news…

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